A second round of Junior Interclub along the same lines as the initial series held in the last six weeks of the second term. Clubs are asked to forward their teams, on the entry form below, by 8.30pm – Monday 15 August so that a draw can be on our website/blog on the Tuesday night. Entry numbers will dictate the format of grades and the number of weeks the competition will run for.

Refer to this file for the entry form and details: TTW 2011 Winter Series 2 Junior Interclub

Where: Empire Table Tennis Club
When: Wednesday nights – 6.45pm till 8.15-8.30pm starting 17 August
Cost: $4.00/player per night
Format: 2 player teams, each player plays 2 singles and 1 doubles. Each match is the best of 5 games to 11 and the contest is decided out of 5 matches.
Age: Under 15 as at 31/12/2010