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Nationals update…

Our mens team of Hayden Tapp, Ricky Yeung, Ben Collins and Sean Hanson has won their grading match 4-0 against Waikato to get into the A grade. Results here…

Hayden bt. Matthew Hetherington

Ricky bt. Jon Jon Zhao

Ben bt. Mark Page

Hayden & Ricky won the doubles.

Congratulations and good luck with the rest of the tournament!

2014 TTW Joola Composite Interclub stats – Week 5

Hi folks, here are the latest results of the TTW Composite Interclub. Division 1 looks to be heading for an exciting final with the top two teams very close on points, and in Division 2 The Force have maintained and increased their lead.

Division 1

Division 2

See you all Wednesday night for both the finals and TTW Prize-giving afterwards!

2014 Joola Winter Interclub Series 2: Final Results

Hi all,

Here are the full results for series 2 of TTW Joola Winter Interclub.

2014 Winter Interclub Final Results

TTW would like to say a big thank you to everyone who played and congratulations to the winners of each grade.

And thanks to NZCT for their help this season!

2014 Winter Interclub Series 2 Results – 29-30 July

The first week of series 2 of TTW Winter Interclub results.

29-30 July

2014 Winter Interclub Results – 17-18 June

The fifth weeks results from the 2014 TTW Winter Interclub.


2014 Winter Interclub Results – 10-11 June

The fourth weeks results from the 2014 TTW Winter Interclub

10-11 June

2014 Winter Interclub Results – 3-4 June

The third weeks results from the 2014 TTW Winter Interclub.

3-4 June

2014 Winter Interclub Results – 27-28 May

The second week’s results from TTW 2014 Winter Interclub

27-28 May

2014 Winter Interclub Results – 20-21 May

The results from the first week of TTW Winter Interclub 2014

20-21 May

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