At the invitation of the Red Star Veteran Table Tennis Club TTW Coach Andrew Hubbard made a visit to the club which is situated in Masterton to carry out a day long coaching clinic. Des Orange who is the current Secretary and Treasurer organised the visit and explained “The club currently operates on a Tuesday morning from 9-12 and we normally get 20-25 people, on Thursday we have a club night from 5-7 and get 10-15 players along. It’s normally veterans who are encouraging younger players to come along. We play an annual fixture against Tawa and Kapiti Coast and try to support the Wellington vets tournaments.”

When asked for sometime positive that was happening and a negative Des replied ” Something positive is that the players that we do have are really keen and theres a great club spirit. Many of them travel quite a way to get home every week. Our main problem is trying to get people interested in admin roles.”

TTW Coach Andrew Hubbard commented that he enjoyed the visit,  saw a lot of improvement, needed to ‘slow’ a few players down during the ‘crossover’ footwork drills and is looking forward to a return visit.