It’s on Alexandra Rd, Newtown, Wellington and while there are no street numbers the building appears nestled in the bush – you won’t see much of the building driving by except for a street sign and a car park on each side of the road:

Newtown stadium street sign (TABLE TENNIS)
Newtown stadium street sign

How to get there?  If driving turn up Alexandra Rd from Constable St and the stadium will be on the left shortly after the tennis, running,and croquet clubs with a parking lot above it and also on the other side of the road.

If walking or biking from the city, Mein St is a more direct access and has a path at the end leading up to the southern (rear) of the stadium (the door is on the Northern side).

And inside…  (Titan club Sunday mornings 9:30am – 1pm, midweek clubs, )

Wellington Table Tennis Stadium Newtown
Wellington Table Tennis Stadium Newtown