Can’t remember what a table tennis ball looks like? You need to get back into interclub! Summer interclub is starting at the start of March. We had the composite teams in spring, and again something different for summer: 2-player teams (with best-of-7 matches). This format is used elsewhere (e.g. Auckland use it for all their regular season divisions) and has some advantages over 3-player format.

Start: March 2 (Wednesdays)
End: April 6 (may vary according to entries)
Entries close: Feb 23 (to Bruce: chairperson [at]
Entry form and full details: 2011 TTW Summer Interclub Entry Form

The format is 2 singles each (best-of-7) and one doubles (which is best of 7 too unless both captains agree on best of 5). For singles (2-player best-of-7 matches) you get about the same number of sets (8-14) as 3-player best-of-5 (9-15). For doubles, the player who would have played 2 matches plays less while the other two play a little more.

Fees are a flat $7 each ($14/team).

Players must be affiliated to a clubs but can find their own team, cross-club teams are fine. You can enter as a reserve-only if you like.

Stag 3-star balls will be provided.

Points are 2 for a team win, 1 for a 2-3 loss (‘bonus-point’ style), and 0 for any other loss.

Summer competition is a great way to get back into form and this new format should be interesting to try out. The main change being longer matches which I think means:

  1. Fewer upsets. In theory a longer match means less chance of an upset. All the more satisfying when you beat that higher ranked player!
  2. More drama. Coming back from 0-3 to win 4-3 on the cards?
  3. More experimentation. With more games there is more opportunity to change tactics to experiment for yourself or to test an opponent.
  4. Strategy. You are more likely to have to change your tactics during a longer match if your opponent adjusts.