Hi folks, the team results and individual percentages to date:

April 6 – Finals night – team playoffs! Final results: 2011 Summer Interclub 0406 Final (individual %s exclude the finals playoffs)  final positions:

Section One winners: 1st Pommie Gits (Depak Patel, Keith Aldersley)

Section Two winners: Warriors (Sabine Westenra, Delano Lam)

Section Three winners: Dangerous (Elias Villanueva, Kai Xu)

March 23/30: 2011 Summer Interclub 0330

March 16: 2011 Summer Interclub 0316

March 9: 2011 Summer Interclub 0309

March 2: 2011 Summer Interclub 0302

Remember that this Summer Interclub is a trial of the 2-person format.  There will be advantages and disadvantages… keep this in mind as you go because at the end we’ll round-up everyone’s thoughts and see where to go from there.

Live Summer Interclub action at Empire
Live Summer Interclub action at Empire