A report from Malcolm Wong on his recent trip down south…

Malcolm in action
There were over 50 players at this tournament held at the Bayfield High School Gymnasium (Dunedin). Playing conditions were good. Play started 8.30am and finished at 11.30pm. Only 2 players were from the North Island and it was disappointing that the top Canterbury players did not support this event. The Cafeteria was at the Guthrie Pavillion, which was not ideal as it in a different building and then only open to 2pm. For doubles the same colour shirt rule for both players was enforced at this tournament. As often players put partner required, a common shirt such as blue, should be in the conditions. Former New Zealand Champions Bryan Foster and Yvonne Fogarty were among the spectators

The Open winners results are published here. Singles winners/runnerups are on the TTNZ site.

Malcolm Wong and Stephen Craw (Canterbury) won the Men’s C Men’s Doubles, defeating the top seeds John Fogarty/Dyna Seng 3-0 in the final. Malcolm also won the D Grade Men’s Doubles with Derek Partridge (Canterbury). Malcolm played a wheelchair player for the first time. He was John Marrable (Otago), originally from England, who is a 5th dan black belt in karate.

Thanks to the tournament organisers for all their hard work. Robin Sew Hoy (Tournament Secretary), Barry Ellis (Tournament Manager), Alan Moore (Referee) and Ben Hurr (Assistant Referee). Also thanks to Emma Paton and Ben Duffy for some of the photos.

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-Malcolm Wong