Here is the result summary from the earlier 2011 TTSports Wellington Open (Wgtn Open champs-runners up results summary).

There was a computer death (fortunately after rather than during the tournament!) so we didn’t have readily exportable data to upload here.

Event, Winner/Titleholder (Association) bt. Runner up

Open Men’s Singles Thom Nguyen (Wgtn) bt. Hayden Tapp
Open Women’s Singles Catherine Zhou (Wgtn) bt. Lisa Yue
Open Men’s Doubles T Nguyen & H Tapp (Wgtn) bt. Craig Dye & Mitchell Barker
Open Mixed Doubles M Hetherington & C Zhou (Waikato/Wgtn) bt. M Page & L Yue

B Grade Mixed Singles Matthew Ball (Manawatu) bt. Myles Collins

C Grade Mixed Singles Harsh Singh (Wgtn) bt. Harry Chen
C Grade Mixed Doubles K McGeehan & M Wong (Man/Wgtn) bt. D & Z Lochhead

D Grade Mixed Singles Zac Lochhead (Manawatu) bt. Paul Griffin

O70 Mixed Singles R Ammundsen (Manawatu) bt. Joy Mozer

O60 Men’s Singles Bruce Connolly (Wgtn) bt. Richard Ammundsen
O60 Mixed Doubles B Connolly & C Williams (Wgtn) bt. K McGeehan & R Ammundsen

O50 Mixed Singles Lindsay Ward (Wgtn) bt. Depak Patel
O50 Mixed Doubles L Ward & B McConnochie (Wgtn) bt. I Talbot & D Patel

O40 Mixed Singles Ian Talbot (Wgtn) bt. Lindsay Ward
O40 Mixed Doubles L Ward & I Talbot (Wgtn) bt. D Patel & B McConnochie

O30 Mixed Singles Lindsay Ward (Wgtn) Robert Chung
O30 Mixed Doubles L Ward & C Dye (Wgtn/NH) K Aldersley & B McConnochie

U21 Men’s Singles Thom Nguyen (Wgtn) bt. Myles Collins
U21 Women’s Singles L Yue (Wgtn) bt. Emily Kan
U21 Combined Doubles Myles Collins & Mark Page (Waikato) bt. J Harter & M Hetherington

U18 Boys’ Singles Thom Nguyen (Wgtn) bt. Jeffrey Chin
U18 Girls’ Singles Emily Kan (Manawatu) bt. Ellen Xiong
U18 Plate Singles Adam Xiong (Wgtn) bt. Ian Wang
U18 Boys’ Doubles T Nguyen & D Lam (Wgtn) bt. N Watson & D Lochhead

U15 Boys’ Singles Dean Lochhead (Manawatu) bt. Nathan Watson
U15 Plate Singles Terry Lee (Manawatu) bt. Che Dixon
U15 Mixed Doubles N Watson & D Lochhead (Manawatu) bt. A Xiong & S Hanson

U13 Boys’ Singles Jae Lee (Manawatu) bt. Sean Hanson
U13 Mixed Doubles Jae Lee & D van Drimmelen (Man/Wgtn) bt. A Xiong & S Hanson