Check out Matt Heatherington’s excellent blog for news and pictures on the Nationals, to quote:
“It was a great day of table tennis today in Palmerston North, especially for Wellington coach Stephen Hirst who was overwhelmed when a gold medal opportunity game Wellington’s way. An incredible feat of team work and great skill shown by the combination of Thom Nguyen and Hayden Tapp who defied all odds to win gold in the Open Mens Doubles.” [click for more…]

Gold medal for Hayden Tapp & Thom Nguyen in the men’s doubles!

Some good earlier teams results too (for details see here):

Women’s Wellington – 2nd (Catherine Zhou, Sabine Westenra, Lisa Yue)
Men’s Wellington 1 – 8th in A Grade (Thom Nguyen, Hayden Tapp, Callum Rusbridge, Andrew Rieper)
Men’s Wellington 2 – 2nd in B Grade (Bryan McConnochie, Depak Patel, Phillip McConnochie, Paul Solt)
Men’s Wellington 3 – 3rd in B Grade (Robert Chung, Jeffrey Chin, Delano Lam, Kai Xu)
Men’s Wellington 4 – 6th in B Grade (Chris Williams, Craig Gear, Brendyn Shaw)

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