Now that it is April 2, I can add that the following is completely false!

World #2 Liu Shiwen of China notices the scoreboard being turned
Malcolm pulled off quite a coup recently on one of this recent umpiring trips overseas. As reported by the Guangzhou Gazette, following a quarter-final match that Malcolm was umpiring, world women’s number 2 Liu Shiwen was impressed and approached him to ask about learning the art of umpiring in New Zealand.

Apparently Liu Shiwen has long had an interest in New Zealand since playing rugby for a Guangzhou local side and watching the All Blacks while growing up. After being umpired by Malcolm, Liu was reported as saying that she noted that he was able to stay awake for the entire match; turned the score cards with precision; and she was particularly impressed with the net measuring tool Malcolm deployed prior to the match starting.

After some discussion Liu has arranged to come to Wellington to learn umpiring and in return she will play with Malcolm Wong and Martin Young in Premier 1 this year under the revived banner of the Te Rama Club, though whether she will play one or both doubles matches is yet to be determined as Martin and Malcolm have been a pretty mean doubles combination in the past.