Hi all

My name is Gabrielle Telfer and I was recently elected Chairperson of Table Tennis Wellington.

I am a very new person to the Table Tennis Wellington administration – I was invited to join the committee after travelling to Auckland with the team for the Junior Nationals last July.

I have never played Table Tennis myself and I am not a good spectator so please don’t look for me to be sitting court side too often. I would rather be making cups of tea or sweeping up!

My involvement with Table Tennis has been brought about by my son Gareth who began playing Table Tennis at the Waterloo club four years ago and more latterly my daughter Sophie who picked up a bat last year. Maybe it should be on my bucket list!

I intend to visit each of our member clubs over the next few weeks to see where you are, who you are and what we (TTW) can do for you.

My door is (metaphorically) always open and I welcome any comments, questions or opinions you may wish to express. chairperson@ttwellington.org.nz will get to me or my phone contacts are home 5692694 or mobile 021 361162.

I assure you that our very competent committee will be striving to deliver the best possible service we can to each and every one of you as well as working for the betterment of  Table Tennis in the greater Wellington region.

Your 2012 committee is: 

Paul Solt             President                             

Gabrielle Telfer     Chairperson                                                               

Raewyn Young      Deputy Chairperson        

Larn Sweeney      Secretary            

Kevin Haines        Treasurer

Stephen Hirst       Head Coach

Mat Hobbs           Meeting Secretary

Maggie Dyer  

Roger Watkin                                                                                           

I would also like to thank the outgoing 2011 committee for their efforts on your behalf. May those of you who did not seek re-election enjoy a well earned rest and know that we are grateful for all you did for TTW.