Thanks to Paul Solt for managing the tournament this weekend and for all players who came along and made this a great event including a large contingent from Manawatu and also further afield – to these people thanks especially for making the trip.

Following is the list of winners that I wrote down (if you are missing from this list and won something, let me know!), congratulations to all.

SATURDAY (August 11)

Men’s Open: Phillip Xiao (runner up: John Cordue)
B Grade: Matthew Ball (runner up: James Harter)
C Grade: Dean Lochhead (runner up: Win Nguyen)
D Grade: Frank Fu (runner up: Sean Hanson)
Women’s Open: Catherine Zhou (runner up: Natalie Paterson)
Open Men’s Doubles: Phillip Xiao and John Cordue (runner up: Stephen Hirst and Callum Rushbridge)
B Grade Doubles: Matthew Hetherington and Callum Rushbridge
C Grade Doubles: Jae Lee & Terry Lee
D Grade Doubles: Malcolm Wong & Matthew Sheppard
Women’s Open Doubles: Natalie Paterson and Jessica Macaskill
Open Mixed Doubles: Phillip Xiao and Catherine Zhou

SUNDAY (August 12)

Under 13s: Frank Fu
Under 13s Doubles: Frank Fu & Abram Goh
Under 15s: Nathan Watson
Under 15s Doubles: Nathan Watson & Jae Lee
Under 18s: Dean Lochhead
Under 18s Doubles: Dean Lochhead & Nathan Watson
Under 21s: Zhiyang Cheng
Under 21s Doubles: Zhiyang Cheng & Delano Lam
Over 30s: Phillip McConnochie
Over 30s Doubles: Raman Tiwana & Depak Patel
Over 40s: Lindsay Ward
Over 40s Doubles: Lindsay Ward & Bryan McConnochie
Over 50s: Lindsay Ward
Over 50s Doubles: Lindsay Ward & Bryan McConnochie
Over 60s: Kerry McGeehan
Over 60s Doubles: Norman Chan & Graham Sole
Over 70s: Merv Allardyce

Here are some assorted pictures from Sunday afternoon:

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