Regular round play has completed (the two round-robin rounds) with the top two teams from each grade going through to the final next week – Tuesday September 11 (except Premier 4 which is scheduled for Tuesday September 4). If you’re not in a team that made it to the final, feel free to come along and watch. The week following, will be a grade-championships (singles event) for each grade. I’ll post with more details of that in a day or two.

The team results: 2012 Winter Week 14 Teams [Corrected as of 3/10]

Individual results: 2012 Winter Week 14 Individuals

Premier 1 Final: Belmont Blasters vs. Belmont Bang
Premier 2 Final: Empire Oak vs. Empire Pine
Premier 3 Final: Empire Rowan vs. Belmont Barbarians
Premier 4 Final: Belmont 38 vs. Karori Thunder

Let me know if you see any error in the results. Thanks to Roger for updating the spreadsheet during the season.

Encouraging this year was the jump in the number of interclub teams and many players coming through the ranks. Much of this is a strong crop of juniors but also we welcomed many new senior players and some old(er) faces from the past who I hope have been relishing the challenges of weekly competition!

There will be a ‘spring’ interclub’ (normally starting at the end of October or early November) which ín recent years was a composite (multiple graded players within each team to provide balance and closer matches). This has proved popular and provides for closer matches (lots of 6-5 results), something different that achieves a similar effect but is something new is being considered so watch this space!