2012 Spring Week 6 Individuals and Teams

NB: The draw is here. Next week is the last of the round-robin with the week after being a finals night.

Division One

Pumas beat Leopards 6-5
Tigers beat Jaguars 6-5
Panthers beat Cheetahs 6-5
Lions beat Cougars 8-3

Division Two

Coyotes beat Hounds 6-5
Jackals beat Wolves 6-5
Terriers beat Dingos 6-5
Hyenas beat Foxes 6-5

A night for the handicapper as most results ended up a photo finish. The top teams kept their positions with one more week in the round robin stage.

Individual positions changed a little with some performing above or below expectations and the top group in Division One maintain their form with consistent performances.

Mention of the week goes to Paul Solt, filling in for Division Two on condition he played left handed, still managing three singles wins. Perhaps a one off “wrong hand” competition could be intriguing.