Wednesday (7pm @ ETTC on 12/12/12) – handicap teams event to finish off the year – just turn up and we’ll slot you into teams and assign you a ‘handicap number’ and away you go. At least 4 singles 2 doubles each. More details here.

Final Individual Results: TTW 2012 Composite Intercub Final Dec 5 Individuals

Division One

Playoff for positions 1 & 2 Lions beat Pumas 6-5
Playoff for positions 3 & 4 Tigers beat Cheetahs 7-4
Playoff for positions 5 & 6 Panthers beat Cougars 6-5
Playoff for positions 7 & 8 Leopards beat Jaguars 8-3

With the top two teams finishing the round robin separated by only half a point, a close final was anticipated and duly eventuated. The final match between the two number three players determined the outcome with Brendyn Shaw coming out the victor.

Catherine Zhou and Callum Rusbridge shared the individual honours showing consistent form. Several promising performances were recorded by some younger players, suggesting interesting Premier One and Two grades in prospect for 2013.

Division Two

Playoff for positions 1 & 2 Jackals beat Dingos 9-2
Playoff for positions 3 & 4 Hyenas beat Wolves 9-0
Playoff for positions 5 & 6 Terriers beat Foxes 7-4
Playoff for positions 7 & 8 Coyotes beat Hounds 7-4

Early and late withdrawals and no-shows reduced the impact of the playoffs with some interesting contests not materialising. Jackals, which was the most consistent team in the Division comfortably beat Dingos to cement their top placing.

Thanks to all those, in both Divisions, who played in this completion which, at the end of the day is designed purely to provide table tennis for players who seek regular play, whether for enjoyment, improvement or both. Thanks also to those who willingly (and occasionally grudgingly!) filled in to enable to competition to continue.


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