The recent 2013 TTW Vets Tournament went off smoothly and was a timely lead up for those heading off to the TTNZ Vets (which included a historic win for the NZ team over Australia!)and a good excuse for some non-Wellingtonians to come and visit on a nice Wellington weekend.


Over 40 singles:
Depak Patel bt. Paul Brown

Over 50 singles:
Depak Patel bt. Ian Talbot

Over 60 singles:
Jim Jarmin bt. Graham Sole

Over 70 singles:
Richard Ammundsen bt. Jim Jarmin

Over 40 doubles:
Depak Patel & Paul Brown

Over 50 doubles:
Depak Patel & Bryan McConnochie

Over 60 doubles:
Jim Jarmin & Richard Ammundsen

Over 70 doubles:
Jim Jarmin & Richard Ammundsen

(doubles runner-ups pending entry here)