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Remember that for the Division grades (1/2/3) Series 1 is now complete (results to be posted up) but next week (July 9/10 Tues/Wed) will be the Grade Championships event (one event per grade on the normal night for each grade). This is a non-team ‘tournament-style’ event to see who can be No. 1 in their division so be sure to come along. The format usually starts with several round-robins with the top 1 or 2 going through to the knock-out rounds (entries on the night will determine the exact format).

Division 1 and 3 folks are on Wednesday, Division 2 on Tuesday. You can play in the grade you are playing in and you may also play in a higher division should you wish!

The Grade Champs are a good practice for the TTW Yasaka Open coming up: here – July 13/14

Following the grade champs are 2 weeks off (the mid-year holidays are on) before Series 2 starts, after that (Aug 6/7) is Series 2 (any grading matches, if necessary, will be Aug 1). The Division grades continue until Sept 17/18 with a finals night Sept 25 (all grades – including Premier too).

Clubs will be preparing Series 2 team entries for the Division grades over the next few weeks so keep in contact with your club contacts about this – it is also a good time to bring in extra people into the winter interclub who weren’t available earlier so clubs can add more teams or make some alterations if necessary. Ask a friend who hasn’t played interclub before to come in for series 2 – a 7 week series could be a good introduction for them.

There is also a junior interclub starting around the same time for those more entry-level juniors who might not yet be ready for regular interclub.