The results from the recently held 2nd Junior Development tournament are in. Congratulations to the winners and all entrants!

Under 12s

Open Singles

1st Sam Wright (Empire)
2nd Cayden Larson (Empire)
3rd Jet Hogan (Empire)
4th Emma Hanson (Waterloo)

Open Doubles:

Caydon Larson (Empire) & Jet Hogan (Empire
bt. Sam Wright (Empire) & Emma Hanson (Waterloo)

Under 14

Boy’s Singles

Final: Andy Yu (Onslow) bt Chris Pearson (Onslow)
3rd/4th: Olly Evans (Empire) bt Atsushi Ikemetsu (Onslow)
5th/6th: Liam Buckrell (Titan) bt Jack Hammond (Empire)
7th/8th: Ben Wright (Empire) bt Sam Wright (Empire)
9th/10th: Zac Austin-Bailey (Waterloo) bt Jack Webb (Fielding)
11th/12th: Jacob Dickens (Waterloo) bt Alex Stirton (Waterloo)

Boy’s Doubles

Andy Yu (Onslow) & Ben Wright (Empire)
bt. Olly Evans (Empire) & Liam Buckrell (Titan)

Under 17s

Boy’s Singles

1st Andy Yu (Onslow)
2nd Jarred Tangatatai (Waterloo)
3rd Ben Hatfield (Waterloo)
4th Carlos Amos (Waterloo)
5th Thomas Prince (Onslow)
6th Jack Webb (Fielding)

Boy’s Doubles

1st Sean Hanson (Waterloo) & Ben Hatfield (Waterloo)
2nd Carlos Amos (Waterloo) & Jarred Tangatatai (Waterloo)
3rd Andy Yu (Onslow) & Thomas Prince (Onslow)

Results in a pdf are here: Tournament 2- 18 August