** NEWS: Wellington team got second place in the B grade at the senior nationals, a great effort!** (Rob Chung, Ben Collins, Depak Patel, Paul Solt.)

In a nutshell: Wednesdays, 6 weeks Oct 30 – Dec 4. (Probably as 6-team divisions playing 5 weeks and a final.) Ref below for the details:
2013 TTW Spring Interclub Entry Form (doc)
2013 TTW Spring Interclub Entry Form (pdf)

Players, contact your club contact for entries.

Encourage your friends to enter, the composite structure is a good change of pace and is also a good opportunity to people new to interclub to come in and get some mentoring.

Entries are due to Kevin Haines treasurer [at] ttwellington.org.nz or phone (04) 478 0841 by Wednesday Oct 24.

If you can’t make all 6 weeks, that is OK, we can combine you with someone else or it would be great to have you as a reserve – with the composite structure finding reserves is trickier so it’s useful to have a heap of them just in case.