Notices for the upcoming Summer Interclub are on their way out and details are below. Let your club contact know that you are available to play! The 7-week summer competition with 2-player teams is a good opportunity to bring in a friend or two from the past who might not have played for a few years.

In a nutshell:

  • 2-player teams entered by clubs
  • 7pm for 7 Wednesdays from March 5 until April 16.
  • 5-match format to 11 with singles best of 7 and doubles best-of-5.
  • Flat fee $7/player.
  • Entries to be submitted by clubs in (to me) please by Feb 26.
  • Players help your club out by helping wrangle your friends together and pass on the names to your club contact.

Composite teams (players from separate clubs in the same team) are fine just be sure to have both clubs know about the team and have it be entered by one of the clubs. (Check with your club contact.)

The full 2014 TTW Summer Interclub Entry Form is here as a doc or a pdf.

Location: here.