A small attendance for the first of the 2014 Development Tournaments (held yesterday, June 15) but this helped ensure plenty of table tennis for those who participated. Special mention should be made of three players from Manawatu who journeyed down for the day.

All players were of a good standard with several making their first tournament appearances. With players giving of their best, the constant play against good opposition saw games that were enjoyable to watch for the good number of spectators. Several players improved noticeably with the experience and should take encouragement from their efforts.

All players should be congratulated for their play and their willingness to umpire when not playing and we look forward to seeing them all at future tournaments at this and higher levels.


Winner/s Runner/s Up
Under 12 singles Alexander Yan Calvin Li
Under 12 Doubles Alexander Yan & Jimi Nelson Thomas Sun (Man) & Hiroshi Mukhopadhyay (Man)
Under 14 Singles Jack Webb (Man) Liam Buckrell
Under 14 Doubles Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li Travis Dyer & Alex Randall
Under 17 Singles Liam Buckrell Jack Webb (Man)
Under 17 Doubles Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li Jack Webb (Man) & Conor McCarthy

-Kevin Haines