How well do you know the rules of table tennis?

You can sit either the TTNZ Junior (Under 18) or the Regional Written Exam Paper and find out!

The Junior (Under 18) and Regional Umpire Written Exam is attached. The written exam is open book. People can take as much time as is required to complete the Written Exam. The required pass mark is 80% which means that people sitting the Junior Umpires Exam will need to answer 24 out of the 30 questions correctly and people sitting the Regional Umpires Exam will need to answer 48 out of 60 questions correctly.

For people sitting the exam please complete the Written Exam in pen so that the writing can be read easily. People can scan the completed paper and email to me at or send the paper to P O Box 1528, Wellington 6140.

I have also attached the Handbook for Match Officials which may come in use when answering some of the questions. People will definitely need to refer to the ITTF Rules and Regulations to complete the Written Exam.

Once people have passed the Written Exam I will need to arrange for them to have a practical assessment to complete the Junior or Regional Umpire qualification.

TTNZ Junior Umpire Badge Exam Paper
TTNZ Regional Umpire Exam paper
Handbook for Match Officials (14th edition)

Malcolm Wong