FYI, a TTNZ article here describes the current state of play regarding the move from the current celluloid ball to the ‘plastic ball’ (for details see here & here):

From TTNZ:

Table Tennis New Zealand has just received our first supply of the new Stag 3 star Plastic Ball. All National Coaches, Associations, and all players representing New Zealand overseas in the 2015 season will be provided with a supply of the new plastic ball to trial. We would welcome feedback on the new ball.

The Stag 3 Star Celluloid ball currently used for all TTNZ tournaments will again be used for all TTNZ 2015 tournaments.

Once we have had the chance to assess the new ball, TTNZ will change to a Plastic Ball in the 2016 season for all TTNZ tournaments.

We should be able to get some plastic balls in during the year (some players have some already) to try out, watch this space…