After the final night of Winter Interclub Series 1 we have found our winners, the full details are here: Winter Results Tables – Series 1 Final, with a summary below.


In the final playoff Titan Terriers won 7-2 over Empire Eveready reversing an earlier defeat during the round robin. Waterloo Wasps beat Empire Energisers to claim third in the 3rd vs. 4th playoff.

Final placings:

1. Titan Terriers
2. Empire Eveready
3. Waterloo Wasps
4. Empire Energisers
5. Titan Trail Blazers
6. Empire Entertainers

Division 1

In division 1 the top-of-the-table playoff between Empire Elders and Waterloo Wolves was hard-fought but the experience of Empire Elders won out with a 6-2 win. For third place Onslow just pipped Empire Eagles 6-5 with the result going down to the last match!

Final placings:

1. Empire Elders
2. Waterloo Wolves
3. Onslow
4. Empire Eagles
5. Titan Clash
6. Waterloo-Empire

Division 2

Division 2 Series 1 completed the previous week with the winners Empire Egrets after a double round-robin. The Egrets had lost to The Combo in the first round robin but had won 9-2 in the second robin on the final night to cement the win.

Final placings:

1. Empire Egrets
2. The Combo
3. Waterloo Whales
4. Empire Echoes

Division 3

On the final night, while Empire was battling it out for first, Waterloo battled it out for third.
Division 3 was won comfortably in the end by the Empire Eskimos who were dominant throughout with Jess and Diana D’Audney each at or near the top of the individual results list and in the final beating the Empire Eels 5-0. However the third place playoff went close with a 3-2 win for Waterloo Walnuts vs. Waterloo Whippets.

Final placings:

1. Empire Eskimos
2. Empire Eels
3. Waterloo Walnuts
4. Waterloo Whippets
5. Empire Elms


If you have any other photos to share please forward them along, here are some from the presentation of the inaugural Chris Williams cup to the winners of the Division 1 series – the cup will be up for grabs again in Series 2.

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Series 2 is coming!

Entries are due from your clubs by July 15. Be sure to put your name or team forward to your club contacts.
All divisions restart back to zero for a fresh competition. Teams can change or be recomposed or even change divisions, so this is a great chance for more people to enter for the last half of the winter season.

Entries by July 15 for Series 2.
· Series 2 Premier starts July 21
· Grade champs July 21/22 on their normal nights – you may enter the grid higher than you play in too if you like, this is run as a singles tournament per grade.
· Series 2 Divisions start July 28/29 on the same nights (entries permitting