Big November, Super 13, call it what you like, the next spring competition is something a bit different for Wellington table tennis.

For the last few years the period from late October to early December has seen a Composite teams competition that attempts to match up teams of similar overall standard. Unfortunately, with fewer players entering the standard has tended to be less concentrated resulting in a reduced enjoyment factor. There have also been difficulties in finding replacements, given that the teams are not Club based.

For 2015, a new competition is proposed with players entering as individuals. The top 13 will be placed in one group with hopefully sufficient entries to make up a further two groups, also of 13 players. Each group would play a round robin over 3 weeks, playing four singles matches (best of 5 sets) per week, the order of the draw being generated on a random basis. There will be no doubles matches. Four tables would be used for each group ensuring a reasonable finish time.

On the final week, the top 5 players would play in a round robin playoff. The next 5 players would also play off against each other, with the last 3 players playing off with the top 2 players of the grade below. The other players in lower grades would in turn also have a playoff in groups of 5 on the same basis.

It is hoped that this will stimulate some interest in players staying involved during November. The competition is planned to take place each of the four Wednesdays during November. Obviously, if a player is unavailable during that period, there is no point in entering, although a player who can play for three of the nights could enter with a lesser rated player nominated in advance as a substitute for a given night. (The interclub committee would rule on the acceptability of the player so nominated.)

A small amount of prize money will be on offer.

Please give this competition some serious thought. Players may enter through your clubs or directly to me at Entries are tentatively scheduled to close on 27 October 2015. Be in to assure your place.

At this stage it is planned that plastic balls will be used. This will be a good opportunity to prepare for 2016.

-Kevin Haines