The second night of the November round robin competition saw some more changes of fortune as the random draw had further impact. Many games this week were close but it could be said that the favourites in each grade are beginning to show through. Next week sees the end of the round robin phase in each grade. Results after the two weeks are as follows:

Grade A

7 wins                   J Granville, H-L Vong, R Yeung
6 wins                   J Gan, 
5 wins                   C Talbot
4 wins                   D Buckrell, V Kelly, I Talbot
3 wins                   S Higham, Z Yu
1 win                    P Solt, L Sweeney
0 wins                   G Telfer

Grade B

8 wins                   B Shaw
7 wins                   M Hobbs, A Maguire
6 wins                   N Talabu
5 wins                   S Gibson
4 wins                   M Xiong, M Zhang
3 wins                   L Buckrell
2 wins                   R Buchanan, V Kan, O Thakur
1 win                    C Gear, R Cronin

Grade C

7 wins                   D Brown, L Johnston
6 wins                   S Eguchi, R Tofiga, E Xiong
5 wins                   I Grace, C Sutton
4 wins                   J Kidd
2 wins                   I Havukkala, J Parant
1 win                    A Panugayan, J Wareham

-Kevin Haines