Next Wednesday

Next Wednesday (Nov 25) is the last night for the November competition – we are also having pizza and the prizegiving presentations in particular for the the winning winter interclub teams.  If you’re not playing earlier in the evening already, come along around 9:30pm (@ Empire) especially if your team won a winter interclub series!


November Competition Week 3 Update

Some player unavailability issues caused a few defaults this week resulting in some changes of positions within the various grades. The round robin part of the competition has now concluded with the draw for 25 November being based on the finishing positions. All players who have played are invited to the one-off evening which will have players playing in a five player round robin against others who finished near them in the main draw. There is no obligation to attend, but if players are not going to play, it would be appreciated if they could forward a message to that effect.

-Kevin Haines

Results for the grades are as follows

Grade A

11 wins  R Yeung
10 wins  J Gan, J Granville
9 wins   H-L Vong
8 wins   C Talbot
7 wins   I Talbot
6 wins   V Kelly
5 wins   D Buckrell, S Higham
3 wins   Z Yu
1 win    P Solt, L Sweeney, G Telfer

Grade B

11 wins  M Hobbs, B Shaw
10 wins  A Maguire
8 wins   S Gibson
6 wins   N Talabu
5 wins   R Buchanan, C Gear, M Xiong
4 wins   O Thahur, M Zhang
3 wins   L Buckrell, V Kan
1 win    R Cronin

Grade C

11 wins  D Brown
10 wins  L Johnston
9 wins   S Eguchi, E Xiong
8 wins   I Grace, C Sutton
6 wins   R Tofigha
5 wins   J Kidd
4 wins   I Havukkala, J Wareham
2 wins   J Parant
1 win    A Panugayan