The 2016 TTW Vets tournament was held on Saturday and thanks to all players who came along and especially those who travelled from afar!  It looks like the locals held out the visitors in most events bar the Over 70s Doubles!

Event Winner Runner-up
Over 40 Combined Singles Depak Patel Joanna Roberts
Over 40 Doubles Depak Patel &
Bryan McConnochie
Zhidong Yu &
Matthew Hobbs
Over 50 Men’s Singles Lindsay Ward Depak Patel
Over 50 Doubles Lindsay Ward &
Ian Talbot
Zhidong Yu &
Paul Solt
Over 60 Men’s Singles Lindsay Ward Ian Talbot
Over 60s Doubles Lindsay Ward &
Ian Talbot
Dave Scott &
Robert Dunn
Over 70s Men’s Singles Tony Rutledge Robert Dunn
Over 70s Doubles Jim Jarmin &
Robert Dunn
Tony Rutledge &
Penn Pattison