The full team and individual standings after the Round Robin are here.

The following are the finals match ups for the end of the Summer Interclub 2016 teams competition on march 30.
A reminder that on Wednesday 6 April, Summer Interclub players are invited to participate in the Summer Interclub Grade Championships. To be included you need to register at Empire by 7.00 pm that evening or email by noon that day that you wish to be included in the draw.

Division One

1v2    Waterloo Wasps v Nomads
3v4    Empire Emperors v McConnochies
5v6    Titanium v Buckrells

Division Two

1v2    Empire Empresses v Misfits
3v4    Waterloo Whales v Waterloo Wolves
5v6    Coasters v Empire Emissaries

Division Three

1v2    Empire Enigmas v Empire Enforcers
3v4    Empire Envoys v Waterloo Whippets
5v6    Young & Dangerous v Waterloo Wapitis