**** Click here for the TTNZ South Islands Individuals Entry Form (May 14-15 Dunedin) ****

Also note: Business Class next comp: May 3

The full TTW 2016 summer interclub result set is here: Summer Interclub 2016 Final.  We have a rest now before winter interclub (forms are coming out soon).

Congratulations to everyone who completed.  Special congratulations though to the winners!

  • Division 1Waterloo Wasps (Sean Hanson 100%, Vance Kelly 70%)
  • Division 2: Empire Empresses (Jo Roberts 100%, Raewyn Young 50%)
  • Division 3: Empire Enigmas (Basil Kananghinis 90%, Om Thakur 80%)

Last week we had grade-champs night with singles and doubles as a last chance to test ourselves before taking an autumn break!

Grade Champs Division One


1. Depak Patel
2. Ian Talbot
3. Phillip McConnochie

Doubles: B McConnochie & I Talbot beat D Patel & R Cronin

Grade Champs Division Two


1. Scott Higham
2. Mat Hobbs
3. Craig Gear
(no doubles)

Grade Champs Division Three


1. Dean McNicholl
2. Om Thakur
3. Ian Thomas

Doubles: G Sole & I Grace beat D McNicholl & I Thomas