The 2016 Winter Interclub Series One Finals were held June 28/29 and saw the finals of the three interclub divisions.

Premier Grade saw an exciting matchup between the top two teams of recent seasons, Titan Terriers (2015 champions) and Waterloo Wasps. A number of spectators were rewarded with a tight contest for the Hearfield Cup with no match an easy victory. In the end, Waterloo Wasps prevailed by 6 matches to 3, with superiority in the doubles being a key factor.

The playoff for third and fourth place saw Empire Entertainers too strong for Titan Trailblazers, winning 10-1.

Division One featured the Series front-runners, Empire Enforcers against Onslow Titan batting for the Chis Williams Cup. Form from the round robin matchup between these teams was reversed with Onslow Titan causing a surprise by winning 7-4. Previous title holders Waterloo Wolves beat Waterloo Wapitis 10-1 in the playoff for third and fourth.

The Division Two final between two Empire teams, Empire Elms and Empire Egrets was eagerly awaited after a close result the previous week. The Empire Egrets prevailed 7-4 with their greater depth evident, despite a valiant effect from Vladimir Vysotskiy who won three singles for the Empire Elms. In the other fixture, Waterloo Whales beat a depleted Empire Echoes team 8-3.


Name Players Place
Waterloo Wasps John Gan, Sean Hanson, Vance Kelly, Hayden Tapp 1st
Titan Terriers Ben Collins, Frank Fu, Hui-Ling Vong, Lindsay Ward 2nd
Empire Entertainers Paul Brown, Depak Patel, Chris Talbot, Ian Talbot 3rd
Titan Trailblazers David Buckrell, Rob Chung, Bryan McConnochie, Phillip McConnochie 4th
Empire Eagles Ryan Cronin, Alan Park, Jo Roberts, Paul Solt 5th
Empire Energisers Harry Chen, Sumit Sachdeva, Martin Young, Zhidong Yu 6th


Name Players Points
Onslow Titan Liam Buckrell, Shane Gibson, Mat Hobbs, Nabe Talabu 1st
Empire Enforcers Andrew Maguire, Tony Rutledge, Brendyn Shaw 2nd
Waterloo Wolves Craig Gear, Scott Higham, Gareth Telfer 3rd
Waterloo Wapitis Jeremy Evans, Dean McNicholl, Martin Xiong 4th
Empire Enigmas John Alexander, Russell Buchanan, Bruce Connolly, Sandeep Shivakumar, Chris Williams 5th
Empire Emperors Darrell Brown, Liam Johnston, Om Thakur 6th


Name Players Points
Empire Egrets Maggie Dyer, Peter Lowe, Graham Sole, Kaz Witko 1st
Empire Elms So Eguchi, Yuri Yudistra, Vladimir Vysotskiy 2nd
Waterloo Whales Emma Hanson, Ian Thomas, Chris Sutton 3rd
Empire Echoes Anita Crowe, Ian Grace, Julian Vickers 4th