This tournament report of the 2016 New Zealand Institute of Sports Table Tennis Tournament is from Malcolm Wong.

This was held at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie on Wednesday 25 May, as part of the annual 3 day multi-sport tournament (24-26 May). This is the fifth year table tennis has been held. There were Men’s Singles, Women Singles and Mixed Doubles.There was 1 point for each win. The overall winner depended on the last mixed doubles match between Wellington and Christchurch. Wellington won 2-1 to finish first from Christchurch and Auckland. Wellington retained the title they won last year and have now tied with Auckland (winner in 2012 & 2014). Malcolm Wong was the Referee. He and Robert Chung umpired the matches.Results were

1 Wellington (5 points)
2 Christchurch (3 points)
3 Auckland (1 point)
Men’s Singles
1 Nikko Lopez (Christchurch)
2 Michael Lugg (Wellington)
3 Reinier Veenhuijsen (Auckland)

Nikko Lopez beat Reinier Veenhuijsen 12-10 11-4
Nikko Lopez beat Michael Lugg 11-6 11-8
Michael Lugg beat Reinier Veenhuijsen 11-1 11-5

Women’s Singles
1 Alana Rahui (Wellington)
2 Sieni Mose (Auckland)
3 Manina Mullany (Christchurch)

Alana Rahui beat Manina Mullany 11-3 11-3
Alana Rahui beat Sieni Mose 11-4 11-5
Sieni Mose beat Manina Mullany 16-14 9-11 11-2

Mixed Doubles
1 Michael Lugg & Alana Rahui (Wellington)
2 Nikko Lopez & Mahina Mullany (Christchurch)
3 Reinier Veenhuijsen & Sieni Mose (Auckland)

Michael Lugg & Alana Rahui beat Reinier Veenhuijsen & Sieni Mose 10-12 11-4 11-5
Michael Lugg & Alana Rahui beat Nikko Lopez & Mahina Mullany 8-11 11-8 12-10
Nikko Lopez & Mahina Mullany beat Reinier Veenhuijsen & Sieni Mose 11-5 11-7

Robert Chung (Umpire) and Women Singles players Sieni Mose (Auckland), Alana Rahui (Wellington) and Mahina Mullany (Christchurch).
Malcolm Wong (Referee), and Men’s Singles players Reinier Veenhuijsen (Auckland), Michael Lugg (Wellington) and Nikko Lopez (Christchurch).

-Malcolm Wong