2017 New World Wellington City

Table Tennis Wellington Open Championships

Result Summary

Results Winner/s Runner/s Up
Open Men’s Singles Yuhan Gao (NS) Matthew Ball (MN)
Open Women’s Singles Hui-Ling Vong Lisa Yue
Open Mens Doubles Matthew Ball (MN)/Jae Lee (MN) Bruno Omizu/Lindsay Ward
Open Mixed Doubles Yuhan Gao (NS)/Hui-Ling Vong Rajitha Samaraweera (MN)/Janice Kent (HB)
B Grade Mixed Singles Rajitha Samaraweera (MN) Toshiaki Yasuda
B Grade Doubles Jae Lee (MN)/Rajitha Samaraweera (MN) Andrew Palmer (WT)/Kevin Lin (A)
C Grade Mixed Singles Blair Quested (NS) Thomas Sun (MN)
C Grade Doubles Blair Quested (NS)/Jack Quested (NS) Darrell Brown/Scott Higham
D Grade Mixed Singles Jack Quested (NS) Om Thakur
D Grade Doubles Jack Quested (NS)/Daniel Ottenhoff (NS) Dan Heaphy (MN)/William Hunter (MN)
Over 30 Mixed Singles Shane Wilson (MN) Jason Granville
O30 Doubles Rob Chung/Jason Granville Shane Wilson (MN)/Dave Rowan (WG)
Over 40 Mixed Singles Shane Wilson (MN) Depak Patel
O40 Doubles Rob Chung/Paul Solt Andrew Palmer (WT)/Blair Quested (NS)
Over 50 Mixed Singles Lindsay Ward Dave Rowan (WG)
O50 Doubles Lindsay Ward/Ian Talbot Dave Scott (WK)/Paul Solt
Over 60 Singles Lindsay Ward Ian Talbot
O60 Doubles no event
Under 21 Mixed Singles Alfred Dela-pena (WT) Sean Hanson
U21 Doubles Alfred Dela-Pena (WT)/Ricky Yeung (NS) Sean Hanson/Tom Henderson (O)
Under 18 Mixed Singles Alfred Dela-pena (WT) Ricky Yeung (NS)
U18 Doubles Alfred Dela-pena (WT)/Hui-Ling Vong Ricky Yeung (NS)/Toshiaki Yasuda
Under 15 Mixed Singles Jack Quested (NS) Thomas Sun (MN)
U15 Doubles Liam Buckrell/Calvin Li Thomas Sun (MN)/Callum McKinnon (MN)
Under 13 Girls’ Singles Mei Mun Teh Erin Huang
Under 13 Boys’ Singles Jack Quested (NS) Callum McKinnon (MN)
U13 Doubles Jack Quested (NS)/Daniel Ottenhoff (NS) Yufeng Wang/Anna Wilson
C Grade Mixed Consolation (Plate) Darrell Brown William Hunter (MN)
D Grade Mixed Consolation (Plate) Daniel Ottenhof (NS) Amit Saboo
Over 30 Mixed Consolation (Plate) Andrew Maguire Simon Jung
Over 50 Mixed Consolation (Plate) Paul Solt Janice Kent (HB)
Under 18 Mixed Consolation (Plate) Thomas Sun (MN) Scott Lochhead (MN)
Under 13 Mixed Consolation (Plate) Tomos Christie Anna Wilson

Thanks also to Pub Charity and TTSports and for their support.