Announcing the exotically named:

2017 November “Four Wednesdays” Spring Competition

WHEN   The first four Wednesdays in November (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd).

WHERE    Empire TT Club hall, Petone

OPEN   From 6:40pm, arrive by 7:05pm or call the stadium 04 568 6054 if late or can’t make it (or pre-arrange with us). Group play to start soon after.

FEES    $7 per Wednesday

ENTER    By Friday October 27 – ideally via your club otherwise

INCLUDE    Your club, name and email.

FORMAT    Each Wednesday you’ll will be placed heuristically into a round-robin group for singles matches. Following the singles matches there is a chance for a doublesplay bonus. A combination of skill & luck will determine your destiny.

DIVISIONS    The number of distinct grade divisions will depend on the entry count.

POINTS    One point per opponent you beat in the round-robin group plus bonuses below.

TERMINATOR BONUS    One bonus point for the winner of each round-robin group.

BEING-THERE BONUS    Two bonus points for each competition night you complete.

BUDDY BONUS    One bonus point for winning at least one doubles match started before 9:15pm(*). Each player is eligible for up to one BUDDY BONUS point each competition night.

To get a BUDDY BONUS point you must win any doubles match:

  1. With a partner of your choice each time – from any group.
  2. All 4 players must have completed their round-robin groups.
  3. The doubles match must have started before 9:15pm(*)
  4. The match can be best of 5 or 3 by mutual agreement (default is 5).

While you can’t earn more than one BUDDY BONUS each Wednesday you can play as many doubles matches as you like for the benefit of your partner(s) or for your own amusement (until we kick you out).

(*) this time limit of 9:15pm may be adjusted by the competition management

Regular TTW Interclub Conditions apply.

A small amount of prize money will be on offer.

pdf: November 2017 Spring Competition