Is happening at the Empire hall from 7pm (no later than 7:10pm) Wednesdays May 17 for six weeks.

All teams will be of three players each on the night, the eleven match format applying.

Clubs are asked to be mindful of having reserves available to fill in for teams that may be short on a given night. Options are to nominate extra players to a particular team, or just keep the players in reserve to cover multiple teams. Reserves will only be permitted to play in grades in which they would normally be expected to play, or in higher grades. Again, the interclub sub-committee will have the right to decline players playing in a lower grade than would be considered appropriate.

Fees will be the same as for recent years $8, $7, and $6. Payable on each night.

Teams are to be entered by the Clubs, not directly by players. Entries close Thursday 11 May with your club contact so that teams and draws can be finalised over the weekend and advised to clubs and players.