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November Competitions

We have three groups of 9 players – for the first 2 weeks each group will complete a round-robin – each playing every one else in their group.  Then the top two in each group automatically promote to the next highest grade (if any) and the bottom two automatically relegate to the next lowest grade (if any).  The adjusted grades then play the same format for two weeks to determine final placings.  This makes it pretty competitive especially in the middle grade where things will get real dicey at both ends of the table!



Also a reminder about the New Zealand Masters Games being held in Whanganui from 3 – 12 February 2017.  There are still a few weeks for Table Tennis entrants to secure the “Gotta Have It” Pass rate of only $45.00. Entrants will save on their registration fee if they enter by 31st October 2016.


Wellington 2015 Summer Business Class Entry Form

(entry form updated April 17)
Businesses in Wellington are invited to submit entries for the 2015 SUMMER BUSINESS CLASS league being run on Tuesdays from 28th April to 26th May (held at the Newtown stadium).

The entry form is here: 2015-april-business-class-entry-form (or as a pdf). Please read this for the details. Entries are due Wednesday April 22 to Steve Montgomery (contact details in the entry form).

Business Class Summer League 2015

Also here is a cover sheet for the Business House competition (posted earlier here) that is underway on Tuesdays @ Newtown.
Business Class Summer League 2015

Division 1
Sprout Media
Kitomba B

Division 2
Kitomba A
Johns & Co.

(for more details, contact Paul Solt)

2015 Business House

…and while on the subject of competitions the Business House competition details are below (docx or pdf) if you haven’t received them already. If you’re new to this this is held at the Newtown stadium on Tuesdays (from Feb 10- March 10) with 2-person corporate teams. If you up for it let Paul know by Sunday – just get yourself and a buddy and you’re set!

2014 Business House Final Results

Paul Solt gave me this spreadsheet last week and I’m just posting this now…
Here is the full listing: 2014-Business Class results Round 9 End

Final winners: Sprout Media! (Steve Montgomery, Win Nguyen)
From the team results in the spreadsheet it looks like a lot of mini-battles for final placings by the end.

Congratulations to all teams and it sounds like it was a lot of fun each week, we will continue with more competitions in 2015 so watch this space.

Team Placings

1	Sprout Media	
2=	Kingdom Music	
2=	Kitomba	
4	Atomic A	
5	Supreme	
6	Springload	
7=	Power Rangers	
7=	Atomic B	
9	Powerade	
10	Powerpuffs	

2014 Business Class Competition Latest Results

… are here:
2014-Business Class results Round 7

and its neck and neck in the middle of the pack with Atomic A vs. Atomic B with A edging ahead with one night to go! Sprout Media untouchable at the top.

2014 Business Class Comp – Week 3 results

Hi folks, attached are the week 3 results: 2014-Business Class results Round 3

Team Table

Sprout Media 21
Kitomba 16
Kingdom Music 14
Atomic A 13
Supreme 12
Atomic B 11
Powerade 10
Springload 8
Powerpuffs 0
Power Rangers 0

PS: For reference here are the prior weeks (the above is cumulative).
Round 1
Round 2

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