Clubs will now be gathering names for the 2012 spring interclub season. The spring competition is traditionally a more relaxed competition than winter interclub so it is also a good time to introduce interclub to club players who may not have experienced this before.

Timetable (Wednesdays)

10/10 Entries due for Composite Interclub from clubs (please including available reserves)
10/10 First inaugural one-off Handicap Teams Competition (2-player teams)
17/10 Week 1 (Composite Interclub 3-player team interclub estimated 8 teams per division)
24/10 Week 2 (Composite Interclub continued)
31/10 Week 3 (Composite Interclub continued)
7/11 Week 4 (Composite Interclub continued)
14/11 Week 5 (Composite Interclub continued)
21/11 Week 6 (Composite Interclub continued)
28/11 Week 7 (Composite Interclub continued)
5/12 Week 8 (Composite Interclub continued) – likely a finals night (e.g. grade crossover)
12/12 Second one-off Handicap Teams Competition (2-player teams)

The Composite Interclub runs from 17/10-5/12 and will work in the same way as in recent spring-season composite interclub competitions. It will run to 8 weeks likely as a round-robin format followed by a finals night (grade vs. grade crossover) depending on the number on teams entered.

The ‘Handicap Teams Competition’ is a new format to be trialed first as a more social/casual competition – it will run separately from the Composite Interclub. The two nights of 10/10 and 12/12 will also be separate to each other.

In a Nutshell…

The Composite Interclub is a 3-player team competition where TTW matches up teams to be as even as possible – normally with one stronger, one medium, and one weaker player in each team. Depending on the number of entries there will normally be two separate grades playing a round-robin within that grade.

The handicap-teams 2-player team interclub is being trialled and will be held as separate events on two separate nights. The idea is to start scoring off in every set with the weaker player starting at a higher score. This effectively equalises all players so there is no concept of grade – everyone is on a level playing field.

Full Details

Full details are attached here: 2012 TTW Spring Interclub Details