Results from last night:
Teams: 2012 Spring Week 4 Teams
Individuals: 2012 Spring Week 4 Individuals

Division One

Tigers beat Leopards 8-3
Pumas beat Jaguars 6-5
Lions beat Cheetahs 7-4
Cougars beat Panthers 7-4

Division Two

Wolves beat Dingos 6-5
Jackels beat Terriers 7-4
Hyenas beat Coyotes 9-2
Foxes beat Hounds 6-5

Division One is starting to see three teams moving away from the pack, with Pumas registering their fourth 6-5 victory while Cougars “spoilt” their record of three 6-5 wins with a 7-4 victory in taking over the sole lead position. Lions also kept up with the pace, remaining unbeaten.

A good team effort by Dingos in Division Two held front runners Wolves to a close result with the second doubles proving crucial. Based on the number of sets played, the fixture between Terriers and Jackals was the most closely contested with age, experience and cunning probably being the difference.