2012 Spring Week 5 Teams
2012 Spring Week 5 Individuals

Division One

Cheetahs beat Tigers 6-5
Jaguars beat Panthers 6-5
Pumas beat Cougars 7-4
Lions beat Leopards 7-4

Division Two

Jackals beat Hounds 9-2
Dingos beat Hyenas 9-2
Terriers beat Foxes 8-3
Coyotes beat Wolves 6-5

A bit of movement in positions this week, partly caused by replacements but also through some good results. In Division One, Chun-Kiet celebrated selection in a National training squad with three wins, helping Jaguars to a first win. Cougars had a first loss dropping from top spot to be third behind Lions and Pumas, who in turn are only separated by the number of wins.

In Division Two, Wolves without lead player Zhidong, also experienced a first loss, allowing the Jackals to take over top spot. Reuben Reid and Chris Sutton improved already good records with three wins each and Charlie Waddy showed form with a good win over Isaac Noanoa.

With only two weeks of the round robin remaining competition for play off positions remains tight, although both Divisions have sorted out top and bottom groups of four.

Following the last round robin night on 28 November, playoffs between teams 1v2, 3v4, 5v6 and 7v8 will take place on 5 December to determine final positions.