For the books, below is the list of winners and runners-ups that I have, if you think there is an error in here, let us know because this is what will end up in the Annual Report!

Open Men’s Singles J Zhang M Ball
Open Men’s Doubles S Fenwick & M Hetherington N Watson & M Ball
B Grade Singles S Fenwick J Zhang
B Grade Doubles M Hetherington & D Patel S Fenwick & G Davey
C Grade Singles W Nguyen T Armbruster
C Grade Doubles P Solt & G Telfer J Lee & T Lee
D Grade Singles T Armbruster G Telfer
D Grade Doubles M Wong & C Gear B Westenra & G Telfer
Over 40 Singles L Ward D Patel
Over 40 Doubles L Ward & D Patel D Partridge & Z Yu
Over 50 Singles L Ward D Patel
Over 50 Doubles B McConnochie & D Patel L Ward & I Talbot
Over 60 Singles S Craw D Scott
Under 21 Singles C-K Vong D Lochhead
Under 21 Doubles D Lochhead & Z Lochhead N Watson & C-K Vong
Under 18 Singles C-K Vong D Lochhead
Under 18 Doubles N Watson & C-K Vong D Lochhead & Z Lochhead
Under 15 Singles F Fu H-L Vong
Under 15 Doubles F Fu & A Yu A Goh & A Xiong
Under 13 Singles A Goh S Lochhead
Under 13 Doubles A Tam & A Goh S Lochhead & W Tam
C Grade Consolation G Telfer M Wong
D Grade Consolation D Goh S Maxwell
Over 40 Consolation S Higham Z Yu
Over 50 Consolation D Partridge K McGeehan
Under 18 Consolation Z Lochhead A Xiong
Under 15 Consolation A Yu A Tam
Under 13 Consolation W McNaughton T Dempster

We also have some pictures from the day, thanks to Malcolm Wong for collecting these:

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