You might recall earlier that TTW were contacted by Northland School who have a couple of table tennis tables but no proper bats and we were after some donations of old bats or usable rubbers.

Thanks to some help we were able to provide some bats with fresh rubbers on them which makes a big difference to these young kids when trying to put some spin on the ball!

In the last week of term 2, Steph sent me a report on the championships they had that week:

We held our table tennis doubles championship today at lunchtime. We had an awesome crowd to watch and it was a tight final: best of three games, went to the third set, the first 2 games had to be played to advantage, a real nail-biter!! We had two great umpires too!

Steph thanked our members for their most generous donation of bats and rubber and said the kids were getting some good topspin and backspin on the ball during the final games, thanks to the new rubber.

With the new term starting tomorrow I’m sure the kids at Northland School are looking forward to getting back to table tennis, oh and school too of course!

Northland School TT championships 1