Results from the Primary/Intermediate Schools Tournament on Friday September 13 are here: Primary-Intermediate Schools Tournament 2013-Results

The main results:

Girls winners

Raroa 1: Ivy McLean, Maggie Jenkins, Brianna Mitchell

Premier Boys winners

Wellesley 1: Harry Hunter, Ciaran Sim, Isaac Becroft

Division 1 – Boys winners

Wellesley 3: Jack Healey, Ben Irving, Christopher Bramley

Division 2 – Boys winners

Hutt Intermediate 3: Seth Groombridge, Gareth Atken, Finn McDonald

Division 3 – Boys winners

Karori West Normal 3: Aniwaniwa, Joseph, Max

Division 4 – Boys winners

Raroa 6: Zach Prince, Milind Naidu, Fraser Asghar

Division 5 – Boys winners

Raroa 7: Digby Carroll, Tim Robinson, Toby Simpson