JOOLAblack175x69The 2014 Joola Wellington Open was held over the weekend of 16 and 17 August 2014.
We appreciate the support the Open was given by our major sponsors:
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We are also appreciative of donations of prizes by the following:

Chapellis Eatery & Wine Bar Lower Hutt

Shanghai Kitchen, Petone

New World Wellington City

Results were as follows:

Winner/s Runner/s Up
Open singles Matthew Ball (Man) Sean Hanson
Open doubles Matthew Ball (Man) & Jae Lee (Man) Ben Collins & Chun-Kiet Vong
B Grade singles Frank Fu Jae Lee (Man)
B Grade doubles Depak Patel & Ian Talbot Jae Lee (Man) & Terry Lee (Man)
C Grade singles Zhidong Yu Matthew Hobbs
C Grade doubles Kevin Haines & Zhidong Yu Paul Solt & Gareth Telfer
D Grade singles Malcolm Wong Craig Gear
D Grade doubles Craig Gear & Malcolm Wong Ian Grace & Kevin Haines
Over 30 singles Scott Higham Steve Montgomery
Over 40 singles Lindsay Ward Harry Chen
Over 40 doubles Depak Patel & Lindsay Ward Craig Gear & Scott Higham
Over 50 singles Lindsay Ward Ian Talbot
Over 50 doubles Depak Patel & Ian Talbot Bryan McConnochie & Lindsay Ward
Over 60 singles Ian Talbot Bryan McConnochie
Over 60 doubles Bryan McConnochie & Ian Talbot Robert Dunn (NH) & Graham Sole
Over 70 singles Robert Dunn (NH) Graham Sole
Over 70 doubles Robert Dunn (NH) & Graham Sole Ian Hull-Brown & Hugh McIlwraith
Under 21 singles Chun-Kiet Vong Sean Hanson
Women’s Under 21 singles Jennifer Tseng (AK) Hui-Ling Vong
Under 21 doubles Sean Hanson & Chun-Kiet Vong Noam Bar-Shalom & Gareth Telfer
Under 21 mixed doubles Chun-Kiet Vong & Hui-Ling Vong Sean Hanson & Jennifer Tseng (AK)
Under 18 singles Frank Fu Sean Hanson
Under 18 doubles Frank Fu & Chun-Kiet Vong Jae Lee (Man) & Scott Lochhead (Man)
Under 15 singles Jae Lee (Man) Hui-Ling Vong
Under 15 doubles Jae Lee (Man) & Scott Lochhead (Man) Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li
Under 13 singles Hui-Ling Vong Liam Buckrell
Under 13 girls singles Hui-Ling Vong Emma Hanson
Under 13 doubles Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li Kaushal Patel (Man) & Mitchell Proctor (Man)