The following entries have been received for the competition each Wednesday of November at the Empire club rooms, Petone, scheduled to start no later than 7.15 each evening (doors open from approx. 6.30 pm.)

Player list (in no particular order or grade):

Liam Johnston Chris Talbot Ian Talbot
Zhidong Yu Shane Gibson Nabe Talabu
Russell Buchanan Jon Gan Jason Granville
Scott Higham Ricky Yeung Liam Buckrell
David Buckrell Jeremy Parant Ian Grace
Ryan Cronin Om Thakur Soichiro Eguchi
Ilkkala Havukkala Hui-Ling Vong Chris Sutton
Alvin Panugayan Jimi Nelson Michael Zhang
John Wareham Matthew Hobbs Brendyn Shaw
Larn Sweeney Virgil Kan Gareth Telfer
Vance Kelly Simon Jung Craig Gear
Martin Xiong Darrell Brown Paul Solt

There are several places still available for late entries. Should anyone wish to submit a late entry, please contact Kevin Haines via no later than 4.00 pm on Monday, 2 November.

Players are requested to be, if possible, at Empire by 7.00 pm on the Wednesday 4 November to hear the final details of how the competition will take place. The aim is to have three grades with 13 players in each, to play against each of the other 12 in their group over the first three weeks with playoffs in week four.

A reminder that plastic balls will be used.

-Kevin Haines