The first night of the November round robin competition saw some interesting situations with the random draw and the plastic balls providing variable outcomes. The random draw in particular resulted in some mixed feelings about some tough match ups but over three weeks all will even out. A special mention should go to those who demonstrated willingness to umpire as required and helped ensure that most tables were regularly used. There probably still needs to be a bit of flexibility in replacing umpires so that other matches can get under way but things will work out fine.

Grade A

4 wins                   R Yeung
3 wins                   J Gan, J Granville, C Talbot, H-L Vong, D Buckrell
2 wins                   I Talbot, S Higham
1 win                    Z Yu, V Kelly, L Sweeney
0 wins                   G Telfer, P Solt

Grade B

4 wins                   A Maguire, M Hobbs, B Shaw
3 wins                   S Gibson, M Zhang
2 wins                   V Kan
1 win                    R Cronin, O Thakur, N Talabu, M Xiong, R Buchanan
0 wins                   C Gear, L Buckrell

Grade C

4 wins                   S Eguchi, D Brown
3 wins                   L Johnston, R Tofiga, I Grace
2 wins                   C Sutton, J Nelson, E Xiong
1 win                    I Havukkala, J Wareham, J Kidd
0 wins                   J Parant, A Panugayan

-Kevin Haines