For the records, below is the complete list of event winners and runner-ups.  There are a bunch of photos on TTW Facebook.  Thanks to everyone who took part or helped make this happen!  A special thanks to our sponsors:

Event Winner Runner Up
Men’s Open Singles Phillip Xiao Matthew Ball
Women’s Open Singles Hye Yeon Yeom Hui-Ling Vong
B grade Singles Tobias Maciejok James Harter
C grade Singles Scott Higham Zhidong Yu
D grade Singles Scott Higham Martin Young
O30 Singles Lindsay Ward Depak Patel
O40 Singles Depak Patel David Buckrell
O60 Singles Lindsay Ward Ian Talbot
U21 Singles Yang Lun Zhao Alfred Dela-Pena
U18 Singles Dean Shu Ricky Yeung
U15 Singles Hui-Ling Vong Liam Buckrell
U13 Singles Thomas Sun Kaushal Patel
Oceania Qualifying Women Natalie Paterson Hui-Ling Vong
Oceania Qualification Mens Phillip Xiao Matthew Ball
Open Consolation Singles James Harter Dave Scott
B Consolation Singles Tony Rutledge David Buckrell
C Consolation Singles Zak McKellar Dan Heaphy
D Consolation Singles Abbey Webb Jason Rihari
30 Consolation Singles Tony Rutledge Zhidong Yu
60 Consolation Singles Dave Scott Robert Dunn
18 Consolation Singles Daniel Jefferies Joel Ata
15 Consolation Singles Joel Ata Jimi Nelson
13 Consolation Singles Joshua Corby Jin Shim
Open Mens Doubles Kevin Lin / Phillip Xiao Ricky Yeung / Yang Lun Zhao
Open Mixed Doubles Matthew Ball / Natalie Paterson Sean Hanson / Hui-Ling Vong
B Grade Doubles Mark Page / James Harter Tobias Maciejok / Andrew Palmer
C Grade Doubles Tony Rutledge / Andrew Palmer Paul Solt / Liam Buckrell
D Grade Doubles Scott Higham / Gareth Telfer Martin Young / Malcolm Wong
Over 30 Doubles Lindsay Ward / Ian Talbot Depak Patel / David Buckrell
Over 40 Doubles Depak Patel / Bryan McConnochie Scott Higham / Zhidong Yu
Over 60 Doubles Lindsay Ward / Ian Talbot Robert Dunn / Dave Scott
Over 70 Doubles Tony Rutledge / Chris Williams Robert Dunn / Graham Sole
Under 21 Doubles Dean Shu / Roger Wang Ricky Yeung / Yang Lun Zhao
Under 18 Doubles Sean Hanson / Frank Fu Jack Webb / Jae Lee
Under 15 Doubles Liam Buckrell / Calvin Li Daniel Jefferies / Zak McKellar
Under 13 Doubles Thomas Sun / Kaushal Patel Callum McKinnon / Jin Shim