The Club Championships were held at the Ngaio Town Hall on Thursday nights at the end of the club season.

Matthew Hobbs achieved the double double. He won the Men’s Singles and Doubles, and the Over 40 Singles and Doubles. Malcolm Wong set a new club record by winning 10 Men’s Doubles titles.

The Over 40 Singles (12 & 19 September) had two round robin groups of four won by Matthew Hobbs and Isagani (Inag) Alamani. The group winners and runner ups qualified for the semi finals. In the Final defending Champion Matthew Hobbs beat Isagani Alamani 3-1. It was Matthews fifth win (2010-2012, 2018-2019).

The Over 40 Doubles was won by Matthew Hobbs and Malcolm Wong who beat Quoc Dinh and Dianne Taylor 3-0. The Over 40 Doubles was last held in 2016 when Matthew and Malcolm also won.

The Men’s Singles had 2 round robin groups of 3 (19 September) won by Matthew Hobbs and Tim Hills. The group winners and runner ups qualified for the semi finals (26 September). In the Final Matthew Hobbs beat Malcolm Wong 3-0. Matthew had previously won the Singles in 2012 and 2018.

The Men’s Doubles (26 September) was won by Matthew Hobbs/Malcolm Wong against Isagani (Inag) Alamani/ Tim Hills 3-1. It was Malcolm’s 10th Men’s Doubles Title (2007-10 with John Gan and 2011-213, 2015, 2018-2019 with Matthew Hobbs) which is a new record. Previously Malcolm was equal with of John Warrington (1987-95). John had won with Robert Chung (1987-88) and Keith Aldersley (1989-95).

The club’s breakup was held on October 10. Thanks to Virgil Kan, who have been running the Junior Club and Club on Thursday night.

Matthew Hobbs (R) won the Men’s and Over 40 Singles, and Doubles with Malcolm Wong (L)

– Malcolm Wong