Hutt Valley win 1975 NZ Men’s Table Tennis Teams A Grade (24-26 August)

PlaceTeamWinsLostMatches won
1Hutt Valley  4129

Hutt Valley
v  Auckland lost 3-8
v  Northland won 6-5
v  Canterbury won 8-3
v  Franklin won 6-2
v  Wellington won 6-5

Gary Murphy13121
Terry Murphy1358
Murray Borlase1239
Hone Ridley321
Pat Low101
G Murphy / T Murphy532
G Murphy / M Borlase431
G Murphy / H Ridley110

The 1975 Hutt Valley Men’s Team won the NZ Men’s A Grade (Kean Shield) in Christchurch (24-26 August). They were tied with Franklin (4 wins) but as Hutt Valley had beaten Franklin they won the title.

In the first round pre tournament favourites Auckland beat Hutt Valley 8-3. For Auckland Richard Lee won 3 Singles including beating Gary Murphy 21-12 16-21 21-15..  Hutt Valley wins were from Gary Murphy, who beat Bob Lassen 21-8 21-15 and Alan Tomlinson, 21-9 21-12 and in the doubles he and Murray Borlase beat Richard Lee/Bob Lassen 21-14 21-18. Other first round results were Franklin beating the Kean Shield holders Canterbury 6-2 and Northland beating Wellington 8-3 with James Morris winning 3 singles and 2 doubles. For Wellington Ron Foster beat Kerry Palmer 15-21 21-16 22-20 and Gary Frew 19-21 21-11 21-19. Brian Kennedy beat Gary Frew 21-9 21-17.

In Round 2 Hutt Valley beat Northland 6-5. Murray Borlase beat Gary Frew 21-18 16-21 21-14 and Terry Murphy beat Gary Frew 14-21 21-14 21-17.  Gary Murphy won all 3 singles, beating  Kerry Palmer 21-9 22-0 and Gary Frew 21-10 21-16 and with the score at 5-5 he  beat James Morris  21-14 21-12.  Gary and Murray Borlase won the doubles against Morris/Frew 21-14 22-20. Other results saw Franklin beating Auckland 6-5 despite Richard Lee winning his 3 singles. For Franklin both Robert Blair and Wayne Adamson (Franklin) beat Graham Lassen and Alan Tomlinson and Franklin won both doubles.  Wellington beating Canterbury 6-5 with Kheng Yee Lai winning 3 singles for Wellington beating Maurice Burrowes 21-11 12-21 21-19, Yee Chow Boi 21-12 21-15 and Ling Nan Ming 21-14 21-17.   Brian Kennedy beat Boi 21-9 21-15 and Ron Foster beat Boi 21-17 17-21 21-12. Kennedy/Foster beat Burrowes/Choi 22-20 23-21. Franklin was now the only unbeaten team with Canterbury the only team yet to win.

In Round 3 Hutt Valley beat Canterbury 8-3 with the entire Hutt Valley and Canterbury team playing. Gary Murphy (2/2) beat Ling Nan Ming 21-10 22-20 and Henry Redmond 21-7 21-8. Terry Murphy (1/2) beat Maurice Burrowes 21-15 13-21 21-14 and lost to Ling Nan Ming 13-21 10-21. Hone Ridlley (2/3), in his only match, beat Henry Redmond 21-14 15-21 21-8 and John Armstrong 21-17 21-7, and lost to Maurice Burrowes 12-21 12-21. Murray Borlase (1/1) beat Henry Redmond 21-13 21-19. Pat low (0/1) lost to Yee Chow Boi 7-21 16-21. Hutt Valley won both doubles. G Murphy/H Ridley beat Burrowes/Redmond  23-21 17-21 21-13 and G Murphy/T Murphy beat Ling/Burrowes 21-12 21-17.Northland beat Auckland 6-3 which destroyed any hopes Auckland had of winning the Shield. James Morris won 3 singles for Northland, including beating Richard Lee 21-19 21-16 . Gary Frew also beat Richard Lee 21-14 16-21 21-18. Franklin beat Wellington 7-4 with Wayne Adamson and Robert Bair winning 3 singles. For Wellington Ron Foster, Kheng Yee Lai and Gary Saunders all beat Richard Oudshoorn and Lai/Saunders best Blair/ Oudshoorn 21-18 12-21 21-15. After 3 rounds Franklin lead with 3 wins, followed by Hutt Valley and Northland, both with 2 wins.

In Round 4 Hutt Valley beat Franklin 6-2 to move into 1st equal place. Gary Murphy beat Robert Blair 21-13 21-15 and Wayne Adamson 21-19 21-19. Terry Murphy beat Geoff Rau 23-21 21-17 and Murray Borlase beat Geoff Rau 18-21 21-15 25-23. Hurtt Valley won both doubles. Gary Murphy/Murray Borlase beat Adamson/Blair 14-21 21-11 21-16 and G Murphy/T Murphy beat Rau/Blair 21-16 21-6. Canterbury upset Northland 6-5 for their first win despite James Morris wining his 3 singles for Northland. Auckland beat Wellington 7-1 with Richard Lee and Graham Lassen winning their 3 singles. Brian Kennedy beat Bob Lassen 16-21 21-8 22-20 for Wellington’s only win.

In round 5 Auckland beat Canterbury 6-2  and Franklin beating Northland 6-4. So Hutt Valley had to beat Wellington to take the Kean Shield more the first time.  With the score at 5-5 Terry Murphy beat Kheng Yee Lai 21-16 21-14 to win the match for Hutt Valley ( all results from the match below). Murray Borlase had previously been in the Wellington Team that had won the Kean Shield (1964,1967) and Gary Murphy had been in the Otago team that had won in 1970. Gary Murphy was the mainstay of the team and was ranked Number 1 on the NZ Men’s ranking in 1975. He won the 1975 North Island, Wellington and Hutt Valley Men’s Singles and was in the Waterloo Team (with Terry Murphy and Douglas Westmoreland) that won the 1975 Rothman’s Champion Club Teams competition.

James Morris (Northland) had the best Singles result, winning 14 out of 15 matches (93.33%), ahead of Gary Murphy (Hutt Valley) 12/13 or 92.31%, and Richard Lee (Auckland) 9/11 or 81.82%.

Thanks to the Auckland Table Tennis Magazines, 1975 Wellington Table Tennis Annual Report,1975 TTNZ Annual Report and the Table Tennis NZ website for information used in this report. Unfortunately the 1975 TTNZ Annual Report did not list the Open Provincial Title Holders.

Hutt Valley 6 v Wellington 5 (Round 5) 26 August 1975:
Gary Murphy beat Kheng Yee Lai 21-11 22-20
Terry Murphy beat Ron Foster 21-18 17-21 21-18
Murray Borlase lost Brian Kennedy 14-21 10-21
Gary Murphy/Murray Borlase lost Kheng Yee Lai Lai/Brian Kennedy 21-14 10-21 19-21
Murray Borlase lost Kheng Yee Lai Lai 18-21 18-21
Terry Murphy lost Brian Kennedy 18-21 18-21
Gary Murphy beat Ron Foster 21-12 21-7
Gary Murphy/Terry Murphy beat Ron Foster/Brian Kennedy 23-21 21-14
Murray Borlase lost Ron Foster 16-21 21-16 18-21
Gary Murphy beat Brian Kennedy 21-12 22-20
Terry Murphy beat Kheng Yee Lai 21-16 21-14

– Malcolm Wong