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Lindsay Ward – Titan Club 2020 Singles and Over 40 Singles Champion

Lindsay Ward  wins 13th Club Singles and 13th Over 40 Singles.

These were held on four successive Sundays from 10am onwards (22 & 29 November, 6  & 13 December) at the Newtown Stadium. Thanks to Robert Chung who organised the tournament.

Lindsay Ward  won the Club Singles (22 Nov) for the 3rd successive year and 13th time overall when he defeated Paul Brown in the final 4-2 (-8, 8, 8, -4,5,4). Lindsay is this years North Island and Wellington Over 60 Singles Champion. Paul was also runner up last year and Depak Patel was runner up in 2018. In the semi finals Lindsay beat Joel Carton 4-1 (8, 10, 8, -6, 3) and Paul beat Yufeng Wang 4-2 (9,7,-5,-9,5,5).

The upset of round 1 was Josh Brown’s win over Martin Young (2020 North Island Over 60 Men’s Singles runner up) 3-0 (10,7,7). Bryan McConnochie had a good win over Darrell Brown (Rd2). Yufeng Wang had good wins over Yang Low (Rd2) 3-1 (6, 8, -8, 6) and Ian Talbot (Qtr-finals) 3-0 (8,6,10) to make the semi final. Yufeng is this year’s Wellington and Manawatu U13 and U15 Singles Champion.

Aaron Lan won the 1st round consolation singles defeating Joel Wretborn in the final 3-1      (-2, 8,7,7).

The 2nd round consolation singles was won by Hugo Yick, this years Wellington Open C Grade Singles Champion, who had good wins over Zhidong Yu (Qtr finals) Yu 3-0 (8,7,2), Darrell Brown (Semi Finals) 3-0 (9,8,8) and in the final against Yang Low 3-1 (6,-9,7,6).   Other matches of note were Darrell Brown beating Martin Young (Qtr finals) 3-2  (-8,3,8, -8,4) and Yang Low beating Simon Jung (Semi Finals) 3-2 (7,-8,-9,6,1).

The Club Doubles (29 Nov) was won by Joel Carton/Bryan McConnochie when they defeated Yang Low/Hugo Yick 4-3 ( 10,8,-9,-7,-7,11,11). This is Joel’s first Club title. He is originally from Leicester (England). It was  Brian’s 3rd successive title (he won in 2018-2019 with Lindsay Ward) and 5th Club Doubles title overall. Ian/Lindsay defeated Ryan/Simon in the 3rd/4th place playoff when they won 3-1 (5,-11,9,5). In the Semi Finals  Joel and Bryan upset the top seeds  Ian Talbot/Lindsay Ward 4-3 (8, -15,-2,9, -8, 10,9). Lindsay Ward missed a chance to win the match in the 6th game when he hit the return of  serve into the net at 10-9. Ian and Lindsay were this years Over 40, 50 and 60 North Island Men’s Doubles Champions and also won the Wellington Open Over 60 Doubles. In the other Semi Final  Yang/Hugo beat Ryan Cronin/Simon Jung 4-1 (-6, 4, 6, 6, 10).

Other doubles of note was Ryan/Simon defeating Martin Young/Joel Wretborn (Rd 1) 3-2   (5,-11,-3,5,9) and Yang/Hugo defeating Charlie Chen/Charlie Kim (Qtr finals) 3-2 (-8,3,4,-11,3).

The doubles consolation was won by Josh Brown/Peter Bloor who defeated Mei Mun Teh/Erin Huang 4-0 (4,7,8,1). Josh and Peter had won this year’s Wellington Open D Grade Doubles. In the semi Finals Josh and Peter defeated Martin Young/Joel Wretborn 3-2 (10,-9,4,-6,6) and Mei Mun and Erin defeated Roel Vinehgher/Vigresh Sivaprasam 3-2 (13,10,-9,-6,3).

The Over 40 Singles (6 Dec) was won by Lindsay Ward for the 4th successive year and 13 times overall. He defeated James Wang in the final 4-2 (1,-10,-9,5,5,5). Paul Brown was runner up in 2019 and Depak Patel was runner up in 2018. In the semi finals Lindsay beat Darrell Brown 4-0 (3,5,9,5) and James beat Harry Chen 4-0 (5,4,2,6).

In the Quarter finals there were some close matches. Lindsay beat David Buckrell 3-2 (-6,9,-8,7,9), Darrell beat Martin Young 3-1 (9,-11,10,10) Harry beat Zhidong Yu, and James Beat Bryan McConnoche 3-0 (11,9,8). In the first round  Zhidong Yu beat Sabine Westenra.

The Over 40 1st round consolation was won by Sabine Westenra who defeated Frank Su in the final 3-0 (10, 10, 5). In the semi finals Sabine had a tough match against Ryan Cronin 3-2 (-10,11-10,-8,13) and Frank beat Simon Jung 3-1 (4,-9,8,8).

The Over 40 2nd Round Consolation was won by Peter Bloor who won by default over Charlie Kim. In the semi finals Peter beat Harry Tam 3-0 (6,4,9) and Charlie beat Peter Jackson 3-1 (-8,6,11,6).

Hugo Yick won the Junior Singles (6 Dec) when he defeated Yufeng Wang in the final              4-1 (-12,9.7,6,7). The semi finals saw Hugo beat Yashka Rabichaud 3-0 (4,7,6) and Yufeng beat Mei Mun Teh 3-0 (3,0,6).

The 3rd/4th playoff resulted in Yashka beat Mei Mun 3-0 (6,8,9) and the 5th/6th payoff resulted in Arron Lan beating Charlie Chen 3-0 (9,7,5).

The Over 40 Doubles (13 Dec) was won by the top seeds Lindsay Ward and Ian Talbot who defeated James Wang/Simon Jung 3-0 (11,7,5). This was their 5th win in 6 years (no event 

was held in 2018). In the semi finals Lindsay/Ian beat Zhidong Xu/Frank Su 3-1 (-8,11, 6,8) and James/Simon beat Bryan McConnochie/Martin Young 3-1 (7,-8,10,7).

There were 2 groups for the doubles pairs to qualify from. Group 1 have 4 pairs and group 2 had 3 pairs. 2 pairs from each group qualified for the semi finals. Lindsay/Ian and James/Simon qualified from group 1.  Bryan/Martin and Zhidong/Frank qualified from Group 2. Bryan/Martin just beat Sabine Westenra/John Law 3-2 (6,-9,5.-9,15) in group play.

The Junior Doubles (Round Robin of 4 teams) was won by Hugo Yick/Charlie Chen (3 wins) from Yufeng Wang/Arran Lan (2 wins), Erin Huang/Anna Wilson (1 win) and Yashka Rabichaud/Mei Mun Teh. The only match that was not 3-0 was Erin/Anna beating Yashka/Mei Mun 3-2 (-7,15,-3,9,9).

Titan Record Holders

Club Singles
13         Lindsay Ward (2001-2002, 2004-2006, 2009-2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018-2020).
Club Doubles
 6          Depak Patel     (2009, 2011-2014, 2016).
Over 40 Singles
13         Lindsay Ward   (2003, 2005, 2007-2011, 2013-2014, 2017-2020).
Over 40 Doubles
6            Ian Talbot          (2002, 2015-2017, 2019-2020)
Overall Titles
35          Lindsay Ward
15     Ian Talbot
11       Depak Patel
10          Malcolm Wong

Titan Group Photo:
Back Row – Erin Huang Anna Wilson, Martin Young, Ian Talbot, Lindsay Ward, Nataliya Tsyganok, Spring Zhao.
Middle Row – Yashka Rabichaud, Mei Mun Teh, Yufeng Wang, James Wang, Yang Low, Michelle McCarthy, Ilka Havukkala,Roel Vanehghen.
Front Row – Aaron Lan, Charlie Chen, Hugo Yick, Frank Su, Zhidong Yu, Robert Chung.

– Malcolm Wong


The Club Championships were held at the Ngaio Town Hall on Thursday nights (24 September, October 1 & 8).

Matthew Hobbs retained the Men’s Singles and Doubles (with Malcolm Wong), and the Over 40 Singles. The Over 40 Doubles was not held.

The Over 40 Singles (24 September, October 1 & 8) resulted in Matthew Hobbs winning against Jim Pandelidus 3-0. It was Matthews 6th win ( 2010-2012, 2018-2020). The Over 40 Singles Plate was won by Quoc Dinh who beat Alvin Panugayan 3-2.

The Men’s Singles ( October 1 & 8) resulted in Matthew Hobbs beating Malcolm Wong 4-1 (6 6 -4 8 11). Matthew had previously won the Singles in 2012, 2018 & 2019. The Singles Plate was won by Steve Piva who beat Alvin Panugayan 3-1.

The Men’s Doubles (8 October) was won by Matthew Hobbs/Malcolm Wong against Jim Pandelidus/Steve Piva 3-2 (-6 -10 10 4 7). This is their 7th Doubles title together (2011-2013, 2015, 2018-2020). Malcolm extends his Onslow Men’s Doubles record to 11. He has also won 4 titles with John Gan (2007-2010).

The Women Singles (1 October) was won by Diane Taylor 4-1 against Pauline Northrop. His was Diane’s 30th Women Singles Title. She has also won 15 Women Doubles Titles which was last held in 2009.

The Mixed Doubles (8 October) was won by Quoc Dinh/Diane Taylor 3-1 against Matthew Hobbs/Pauline Northrop. This was Diane’s 20th Mixed Doubles Title.

Thanks to Kevin Haines who have been running the Club on Thursday night.

– Malcolm Wong