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Summer Interclub Results – Week 4 March 13

The results for week four of Summer Interclub. Bound to be some interesting matches next week, particularly division two with three players on 100% facing each other!

Summer Interclub 2013 Results – Individuals, wk 4

Summer Interclub 2013 Results – Teams, wk 4

* Updated with some pictures from recent weeks – thanks Reg Feuz! -Mat

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image009 image012
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Summer Interclub Results – Week 3 March 6

Hello all, here are the results for week 3 of summer interclub. Hopefully all errors have been fixed now!

Summer Interclub 2013 Results – Individuals, wk 3

Summer Interclub 2013 Results – Teams, wk 3

Summer Interclub Results – Week 2 Feb 27

Hi all, the second lot of results for Summer Interclub are here!

Can I remind you all that when you write in your sheets please fill in your full names! It makes this job much easier, thanks.

Summer Interclub 2013 Results – Individuals, wk 2

Summer Interclub 2013 Results – Teams, wk 2

Summer Interclub Results – Week 1 Feb 20

Here are the first week’s results for summer interclub!

Summer Interclub 2013 Results – Individuals, wk 1

Summer Interclub 2013 Results – Teams, wk 1

2013 Summer Interclub – Draw

Hi folks, the 2013 Table Tennis Wellington Summer Interclub draw for Round 1 (of 2) is here: TTW 2013 Summer Interclub Round 1 Draw as of Feb 18 2013.

Let me know of any name spelling corrections at interclub. The first night is this Wednesday, see you there!

Team Listings

Division 1

Belmont A: Callum Rusbridge & Martin Murdoch
Empire A: Depak Patel and Paul Brown
Empire B: Chris Talbot and Ian Talbot
Belmont B: Cath Zhou & Larn Sweeney
Empire C: Raewyn Young and Sabine Westenra
Empire D: John Gan and Jason Giles

Division 2

Empire E: Bryan McConnochie and Tony Rutledge
Belmont C: Frank Fu & Chun-Kiet Vong
Empire F: Martin Young, Paul Solt and Harry Chen
Waterloo A: Gareth Telfer & Sean Hanson
Waterloo B: Scott Higham & Adam Xiong
Empire G: Matthew Hobbs & Russell Buchanan

Division 3

Empire H: Isaac Noanoa and Graham Sole
Waterloo C: Martin Xiong & Ellen Xiong
Empire I: Vladmir Vysotskiy, Mo Whare and James Stewart
Empire J: Merv Allardyce, Arindom Choudhury and Darren O’Brien
Belmont D: Abram Goh & Hui-Ling Vong
Waterloo D: Jacob Gates & Reuben Reid

Division 4

Belmont E: Jason Zhao & Allan Carson
Belmont F: Charlie Waddy & Shikhar Parijat
Empire K: Reg Feuz & Ian Grace
Waterloo E: Chris Sutton & Ian Thomas
Belmont G: Jeremy Traub & Nicholas Baucke

Division 5

Waterloo\Empire: Marius Lukkonnen & Jimi Nelson
Belmont H: Angus Horan & Regan Craig
Belmont I: Alex Tam & William Tam
Empire L: Tyler Guthardt & Mason Tangatatai
Empire M: Chris Beeston & Jacob Rattray
Empire N: Adam Archibald-Mason & Hugh Pawson

2013 Summer Interclub

Notices for the upcoming Summer Interclub were sent out to the clubs and players lists last week (if you are not on the players list, and want to be, let me know), the details are below. Let your club contact know you are available to play!

In a nutshell:

  • 2-player teams entered by clubs
  • 7pm Wednesdays from Feb 20 until May 1 with a break on March 27.
  • 5-match format to 11 with singles best of 7 and doubles best-of-5.
  • Flat fee $7/player.
  • Entries to be submitted by clubs in (to me) please by Feb 13.
  • Players help your club out by helping wrangle your friends together and pass on the names to your club contact.

Composite teams (players from separate clubs in the same team) are fine just be sure to have both clubs know about the team and have it be entered by one of the clubs. (Check with your club contact.)

The full 2013 TTW Summer Interclub Entry Form is here as a doc or a pdf.

Location: here.

2012 Titan Table Tennis Club Championships

O40 Singles Winner Ian Talbot and Club Singles Winner Lindsay Ward
O40 Singles Winner Ian Talbot and Club Singles Winner Lindsay Ward
The 2012 Titan Club Championships was held on two consecutive Sundays (25 November and 2 December), at the Newtown Stadium. Lindsay Ward won the Titan Club Singles for the 8th time when he defeated Depak Patel 3-0 (13-11 11-8 11-8). This reversed the result from their match in the singles group where Depak had won 3-2. Lindsay had a tough semi final match with last years winner, Ian Talbot, where he won 3-2.

The Club Doubles was won for the second time by Depak Patel and Raewyn Young, who defeated Bryan McConnochie and Ian Talbot 3-1 (8-11 13-11 11-6 11-8). Depak and Raewyn had previously won in 2009.

Ian Talbot won the Over 40 Singles when he recovered from 0-2 down to defeat Depak Patel 3-2 (2-11 7-11 11-7 11-7 11-8). Ian had beaten the titleholder, Lindsay Ward, in the semi finals 3-2.

The Club Over 40 Singles was started in 1996. Lindsay Ward has won the most singles (7). The Over 40 Doubles was run for four years but then discontinued. Malcolm Wong and William Yang won for the first 3 years. The winners are listed below.

Doubles Winners Depak Patel and Raewyn Young
Doubles Winners Depak Patel and Raewyn Young

Over 40 Singles

2012 Ian Talbot
2011 Lindsay Ward
2010 Lindsay Ward
2009 Lindsay Ward
2008 Lindsay Ward
2007 Lindsay Ward
2006 Ian Talbot
2005 Lindsay Ward
2004 Ian Talbot
2003 Lindsay Ward
2002 William Yang
2001 Nha Nguyen
2000 Geoff Fletcher
1999 William Yang
1998 Nha Nguyen
1997 Malcolm Wong
1996 Malcolm Wong

Over 40 Doubles

2002 Chris Talbot and Ian Talbot
2001 Malcolm Wong and William Yang
2000 Malcolm Wong and William Yang
1999 Malcolm Wong and William Yang

A listing of past Titan singles & doubles winners is in last year’s Titan championships report.

– Malcolm Wong

2012 TTW Winter Interclub Final Team Results

The finals night of winter interclub was completed last night (Tuesday 11/9) so along with last Tuesday’s Premier 4 final we have the winning teams (with the players in each as listed at the start of the season):

Premier 1: Belmont Blasters (Thom Nguyen, Hayden Tapp, Heath Murdoch, Dzung Nguyen)
runners-up: Belmont Bang (Stephen Hirst, Callum Rusbridge, Larn Sweeney, Chun-Kiet Vong)

Premier 2: Empire Pine (Win Nguyen, Raman Tiwana, Brendyn Shaw, Richard Dalziel)
runners-up: Empire Oak (Tony Rutledge, Chris Williams, Bruce Connolly, Uy Tang)

Premier 3: Empire Rowan (James Stewart, Yang Sun, Mo Whare, Murray McLeod, Peter Douglas, T Metuariki)
runners-up: Belmont Barbarians (Matt Gill, Matt Hannah, Tony Pietras)

Premier 4: Belmont 38 (Desmond Goh, Abram Goh, Sri Galloway)
runners-up: Karori Thunder (Steve Montgomery, Russell Jackson, Peter Bloor)

Congratulations to all winners and all players during the winter season!

The final individual results are: here (results from Finals nights don’t get included in the winter season individual percentages). The season draws were here.

As mentioned earlier, NEXT WEEK are the Winter Interclub Grade Championships. This is a separate singles competition for each Premier grade with players eligible to play in the championship for the grade they played in during the 2012 winter interclub and/or for the championship for the next-higher grade. The format will be groups of round-robins followed by a knock-out round. Premier 1 and Premier 3 grade championships will be held on Tuesday September 18 with Premier 2 and Premier 4 grade championships on Wednesday September 19. The player fee is reduced to $6 for grade championship nights.

Following this there is a break followed by the spring competitions on Wednesdays starting from mid October. More details on this will be published soon.

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2012 Winter Interclub Round 1 Results

… are in the pipeline but for those die-hards who like to analyse everything here are the score-sheets from Tuesday and Wednesday: Part 1 and Part 2 (part 2 is a re-scan of a couple of sheets unclear in the first scan).

30 teams in winter interclub this year!

The team count by clubs is:

Empire 11
Belmont 7
Waterloo 5
Karori 3
Onslow 2
Titan 1
Johnsonville 1


Draws were tweaked a little including some name changes and the extra team added to P4, I updated the links to the draw on the original post here.

2012 Winter Interclub Draw and Rules

Hot off the press the draw and rules are now available below. Enjoy the competition!

Information & Rules: TTW 2012 Winter Interclub Rules

Premier 1: Premier 1 draw
Premier 2: Premier 2 draw
Premier 3: Premier 3 draw
Premier 4: Premier 4 draw


May 15 Premier 1 & 3 grades commence (Tuesdays)
May 16 Premier 2 & 4 grades commence (Wednesdays)
May 30/5 Junior Grade Commences
June 28 – July 16 School holidays (no interclub play, Junior Nationals)
July 17 Premier 1 & 3 grades continue
July 18 Premier 2 & 4 and Junior grades continue
Sept 4 Grade champs for Premier grades (1st vs. 2nd teams in each grade)

Remember Junior Interclub dates per above.


Also remember the Wellington Autumn Open – May 19/20 – entries close May 15!

Brian Hearfield – Technical/Te Rama Stalwart

This is the latest player profile from Malcolm Wong:

Brian Hearfield in 2011
In 1950 Brian (then 15 years old) joined the Technical Table Tennis Club in Wellington. There were 2 tables in the Technical Old Students Tennis Pavilion in Taranaki Street, which is today occupied by Massey University. On Sundays Brian would often play from noon to late at night. He recalled that players had to prove they were a certain standard to join the club. There was a limit on the membership and good players were asked to join the club, rather than the other way around.

The Technical Club was formed in 1936. The Club has won 32 Wellington interclub titles including 6 A Grade (1939-41, 1943-44 & 1946). The A Grade team included Frank Mooney, Wellington’s top ranked man (1943) who was also a wicket keeper in the NZ Cricket Team (1949-54). The W M Jackson Shield (Most interclub points) was won twice (1946 & 1977). The Sportswear Model Trophy (Highest point average for 3 nominated teams from a club) was won 6 times (1974, 1977, 1981, 1987, 1989 & 1990). The most interclub teams entered were 11 in 1971 & 1977.

Club members were involved in several notable achievements. Max Gosling was selected for the first ever NZ Team in a match against the touring Hungarian Team (1938). Eric Boniface was selected for the first NZ Team to travel overseas (1939). The team travelled to Australia for matches against state teams. John Crossley and John Stewart were in the first NZ Team at the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary (1950). Crossley won the first international title by a New Zealander when he won the Scottish Open Men’s Singles held in Edinburgh (1950). Gosling (1939), Boniface (1940-41) and Crossley (1944) were ranked Number 1 in Wellington and all won the Wellington Open Men’s Singles. Crossley was North Island Men’s Singles Champion (1949).

29 New Zealand Open Titles were won. The first was achieved in 1940 when Dawn Croxton won the Women’s Doubles with Leonie Kennedy, and the Mixed Doubles with Max Gosling. This was the first year of the NZ Inter-Association Teams Championships and Wellington won both the Men’s and Women Teams Title. Club members representing Wellington were Max Gosling and Eric Boniface (Men) and Leonie Kennedy, Dawn Croxton and May Wareham (Women).

In 1950 Club members were in all 5 NZ Open individual finals. John Crossley lost to Bob Jackson (Auckland) in the Men’s Singles. John won the Men’s Doubles with Neville Brightwell (Canterbury). Margaret Hoar won the Women Singles, Woman Doubles with Thyra McGregor, and the Mixed Doubles with Owen Jaine (Auckland). As well, Murray Dunn won the NZ Under 16 Boys Singles that year. Murray was to win a record 9 Wellington Open Men’s Singles and also 4 NZ Men’s Singles (1960-63).

Margaret Hoar was the number 1 ranked Wellington and NZ Woman (1949-50) when she was at the Club. She was the Wellington, North Island and NZ Women’s Singles Champion in those years. Christine Beasley (nee McGregor) was the number 1 ranked Women for 7 consecutive years (1973-79) and won 10 Wellington Open titles including 5 Women’s Singles (1973-74, 1976-78). She was also an excellent tennis player and won the Wellington Tennis Open Women Singles (1979), achieving a unique tennis/table tennis double.

In 1967 the club moved to the Te Rama Tennis Pavilion in Kilbirnie when the Technical Tennis Pavilion had to make way for new buildings. In 1972 the club changed its name to Te Rama to meet city council requirements to stay at the site as the tennis club had folded up. In 1984 the club moved to the Kilbirnie Gym due to the Aqua Centre being built where the Tennis Pavilion was. In 1985 the club moved to St Giles Church Hall and later to the Newtown Stadium. A team was last entered in interclub in 2001.

Brian Hearfield started off in F Grade and was in C Grade the following year. He played mainly in B grade. He recalls filling in at A Grade interclub and playing Murray Dunn, Geoff Jennings, John Crossley, Ron Foster and Ivan Houghton. In 1956 at the Hutt Valley Open, Brian and Bill Stewart (both C Graders) upset Mike Beder/Stan Ferguson ( NZ Boys Doubles Champions 1955) to reach the quarter finals where they lost to the top seeds, Murray Dunn/John Crossley (NZ Men’s Doubles Champions 1954). Brian has been in 9 Technical/Te Rama winning winter interclub teams (See below).

A Reserve A Grade 1963 Brian Hearfield, Foon Chin, Thyra McGregor

B Grade 1966 Brian Hearfield, Jack Ngan, Diane Bates
1974 Brian Hearfield, Ray Bryan, Dawn Perks, Judy Sharman
1977 Brian Hearfield, D Hitchcock, Roger Watkin
1989 Brian Hearfield, Henry Anastasi, Malcolm Wong
1990 Brian Hearfield, Roger Watkin, Peter Wong
1993 Brian Hearfield, David Feist, Roger Watkin, Giles Moiser

C Grade 1959 Brian Hearfield, John Wilcox, Andy Curran
1986 Brian Hearfield. Malcolm Wong, Jeff Larsen, Olaf Leijon

Brian had the highest interclub average in B Grade (1990, 1991 & 1993). His best result was 37 wins from 39 matches (94.9%) in the B Grade (1985, 1990). He won the B Grade Singles (1966) and the B Grade Doubles with David Fry (1965) and Bruce Mills (1966). Brian represented Wellington in the annual match against Hutt Valley 7 times. C Grade (1959), B Grade (1965, 1966, 1974, 1989, 1990) and B/C Grade (1993). Wins were achieved in 1959 (7-5) 1965 (10-2) 1966 (9-3). He donated the Brian Hearfield Cup for the B Grade Singles at the Wellington Grade Championships. The first winner was fellow club member Henry Anastasi in 1989.

Brian has been Secretary, Treasurer and Club Captain for the Club. He served on the Wellington Committee (1962-77) and (1992-2009). He was a long serving member of the interclub subcommittee and chaired it when there were 167 interclub teams. Brian was the Secretary/Treasurer (1999-2001) and Secretary (2002-2009). He was a regular sight on night duty at interclub. Brian is a Life Member of the Te Rama Club (1980) and the Wellington Association (1994).

Brian played cricket for Institute Old Boys, Wellington South Institute, Technical College Old Boys and Onslow. His 1971-72 Onslow team included Trevor Mallard (Labour Member of Parliament since 1984 and former Minister (1999-2008). He was a batsman/wicket keeper with a highest score of 85 not out. Brian was in three winning teams: Technical College Old Boys 3B (1958/59); Technical College Old Boys 5th Grade (1960/61); and Onslow 3C (1972/73). The Onslow 3C Team also included a young Kevin Haines, the current TTW Treasurer.

Wellington Table Tennis Association AGM (1997)
Brian Hearfield (Life Member and Committee), Paul Escott (Life Member and President), Malcolm Wong (Secretary/Treasurer) and Eric Tindill (Life Member, The first Treasurer 1933, Double All Black)
Te Rama Club Championship (1999)
Martin Young, Roger Watkin, Brian Hearfield, Malcolm Wong, John Lister and David Robinson.

– Malcolm Wong

Some Empire Club News

For your interest I’m including some recent Empire Table Tennis Club news mostly copied from the newsletter that was recently emailed out (the full newsletter is here). Check out all the photos of Depak coaching in there too!

Movie Fundraiser

When: Tuesday 24th April, Light House Cinema, Petone at 8.00 pm (nibbles from 7.30)

ALERT: Empire Club Fundraiser – fancy a night out to see a cool romantic comedy and help Empire raise some money for their special building projects? The movie is Salmon fishing in the Yemen which sure sounds like something different! Check out a review.

A fisheries expert is approached by a consultant to help realise a sheik’s vision of bringing the
sport of fly-fishing to the desert and embarks on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the
impossible possible.
    Starring Emily Blunt, Ewan McGregor and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Supper will be provided from 7.30 pm (movie @ 8pm) at the Light House, Petone. Tuesday 24th April.

Contact: Maggie 5899 140 (home) or 5704 820 (work) or maggie.dyer [at] to get your tickets ($20). Open to all.

Eddie Moore

Congratulations also to Eddie Moore, another long standing club member, for being selected to play for the NZ Veterans against the Australian Veterans at the NZ Open Veterans Championships in the Over 75s to be held in Palmerston North over Easter.

Bruce Connolly

Congratulations to Bruce Connolly, a long standing club member, for being selected to play for the NZ Veterans against the Australian Veterans at the NZ Open Veterans Championships in the Over 60s to be held in Palmerston North over Easter.

Empire Veterans Tournament

Saturday 24th of March saw 29 keen players at Empire for the annual tournament. The day was
enjoyed by all, some more than others as they took home a bit of wine! Thanks to Chris for all the
organising – you can see he did get some reward for his efforts….

Singles winner Singles runner up Doubles winners Doubles runner ups
Over 60s Chris Williams Jim Jarmin Chris Williams /
Nha Nguyen
Jim Jarmin / Richard Ammundsen
Over 50s Lindsay Ward Depak Patel Depak Patel /
Lindsay Ward
Chris Talbot / Ian Talbot
Over 40s Lindsay Ward Depak Patel Depak Patel / Raewyn Young Chris Talbot / Ian Talbot
Women’s Maggie Dyer Nancy Chan N/a N/a

Empire Visit to Wanganui Table Tennis Club

There is a visit in the planning stages for Empire to visit Wanganui some time in late May. The
Feilding Club will be joining in so there will be the three clubs involved in the matches.

************** Update ******************

The Wanganui visit will be Sunday 27th May. The Feilding Club will also be joining the Empire TTC, so the three clubs will be involved in an afternoon of fun table tennis. Carpooling will be available from the ETTC clubrooms. Departing Empire 9 am to arrive Wanganui 12 noon (approx).

ETTC will reimburse petrol costs for vehicles used for carpooling. Lunch will be provided by the Wanganui Club with organised games starting after lunch.

If you are interested let Rose Douglas know (rose.douglas [at] or fill in the clipboard left at the clubrooms before 17th May.

It will be good to have as many there as possible, all grades and standards welcome.

2012 Summer Interclub – Finals Results

The full result spreadsheet is here: 2012 Summer Interclub 0404 Final. Refer to the spreadsheet for the details but the winning and runner-up teams in each grade were:

Grade A:
Winner: Belmont Blast (Heath Murdoch & Callum Rusbridge) 3-2 over Empire Amber (John Gan & Depak Patel).
(All the X position vs. X position section vs. section playoffs in grade A on the Finals night were 3-2 results!)

Grade B:
Winner: Empire Palladium (Chris Williams & Richard Dalziel/Bruce Connolly) 3-2 over Belmont Bumble Bees (Frank Fu & Hui-Ling Vong).

Grade C:
Winner: Belmont Bandits (Matt Gill & Ramnick Tiwana) 4-1 over Empire Silver (Vladimir Vysotskiy & Alex Safronov).

Looks like it was Belmont and Empire fighting it out in the top of every grade on finals night with Belmont taking 2 out of 3 grades.

Congratulations all winners and thanks to all for playing in the summer interclub competition. There is a break before winter interclub which typically starts later in May.

Photos by Gareth Telfer:

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Super stars Hui-Ling Vong and Abram Goh in the news

There are a couple of great new articles in the press this week on Hui-Ling Vong and also Abram Goh following their results recent ITTF Hopes event in Auckland.

First is one on Hui-Ling in The Wellingtonian: Hui-ling targets table tennis titles which has a nice photo. One of her goals is to be the best player at her club (Belmont) so watch out Belmont – oh wait, that means becoming the best player in Wellington so watch out everyone!
Hui-Ling Vong
The other one is in the Hutt News: Belmont youngsters rise to top and talked about Hui-Ling and Abram. The classic quote from Stephen Hirst was: “She looked very annoyed with a bronze,” Hirst says !

Stephen Hirst organised and managed a group of juniors that went to the recent Inaugural TTNZ Hopes and Cadets Trials in Auckland on March 25. Results and pictures (click on the “Images” tab) are here.

Mike Flynn Memorial Award

Every year a winner is selected for the Mike Flynn Memorial Award. This is awarded to the most improved junior in Table Tennis Wellington for the previous year also including attitude, cooperation and respect for others. (According to the rules of this award, an individual can only win this award once.)

Here is the previous winner for 2010 Delano Lam (Waterloo Club) presented by TTW President Paul Solt:

Delano Lam, 2010 Mike Flynn Memorial Award winner (right)

And the 2011 winner Gareth Telfer (Waterloo Club) with TTW President Paul Solt:

Gareth Telfer, 2011 Mike Flynn Memorial Award winner (right)

Congratulations to our recent and all winners of this award and also Waterloo Club!

Eddie Moore – Life begins at 60

Here is the latest player profile from Malcolm Wong:

Eddie was born in Christchurch (1932). There was no organised sport during his time at primary school. In his secondary school days, at Christchurch Technical College, he excelled in football and cricket as well as playing table tennis for the Avonside Table Tennis Club from the age of 15 to 25. Eddie was in the first XI for both football and cricket. In football, as a centre forward, his outstanding performance in the South Island Schools Tournament (1949) resulted in him becoming selected as a South Island Schools representative. In cricket his rapid improvement lead him to be selected for the Canterbury Under 16 Boys team (1947) as a spin bowler, a team which included future NZ representative Murray Chapple (1953-66).

After Eddie left school, work and family took precedence over sport. In 1972 he moved to Wellington on a job transfer. When he retired at 60, Eddie was looking for a sport to play. He wanted to play tennis but there was no men at the local Midweek Club. A chance meeting with Ron Menchi lead to him joining the Empire Midweek Table Tennis Club (1992-93) where he became the Secretary. Eddie moved back down to Christchurch in 1993 and rejoined the Avonside Table Tennis Club. He immediately became the Secretary/Treasurer (1993-2003). He started up the Canterbury Midweek Table Tennis Club based on what he had seen at the Empire Midweek Club.

The then Canterbury Table Tennis Hall needed substantial repairs and planning permission for this would not be approved as it was in a residential area. Eddie with Keith Armstrong and Ron Fleming became involved in the purchase of the former Yates Seed Store(1999) for table tennis. They with Denver Glass, Neville Duggan and Brian Wilson were the driving force behind the conversion of the building into the current Table Tennis Canterbury Stadium (294 Blenheim Road), opening in early 2000. The six were presented with an appreciation medal by Table Tennis Canterbury. Eddie was further recognised for his endeavours by being made a Life Member of Table Tennis Canterbury and receiving a Summer Sports Award from Sport Canterbury in 2000. He was Table Tennis Canterbury Sportsperson of the Year (2002). Eddie returned to Wellington in 2003 and was responsible for running the Empire Midweek club, with Lois McStay, until 2009. He was awarded the Dick Gray Cup for Best Empire Club Member (2008) and the Empire Table Tennis Cup for Most Outstanding Performance(2009). There is a volunteer profile on Eddie in the Empire Spin Newsletter (August 2008).

Eddie soon made an impact in veterans table tennis. He was in the NZ Over 50 Men’s team to the Australian Veterans in Perth (1994). There he caused a hugh upset in a teams match by beating Ken Cole, who had just won the NZ Open Over 45 Men’s Singles. In 1999 Eddie was number 85 on the NZ Open Men’s rating list at the age of 67! In 2008 he won the NZ Open Over 70 Men’s Singles and Mixed Doubles (with Lois McStay). Eddie has represented New Zealand four times in the Over 70 Men’s team in the test against Australia. He has won 12 individual NZ Veterans titles including the Over 70 Men’s Singles (2002) and the Over 75 Men’s Singles (2007 & 2009).

Eddie had an outstanding performance in the NZ Veterans Over 75 Men’s singles (2009). Eddie defeated the second seed, Geoff Nisbett, in the semi finals and then the top seed, Tony Herbert, in the final. Tony was then the current Australian Veterans Over 70 and 75 Men’s Singles Champion. Eddie continues to play table tennis at the Empire Midweek Club and hopes to play at the World Veteran’s Championships (2014) in Auckland.

Above: NZ Veterans Test Team (2008) for the match against Australia
Back Row (L/R): Christine Little, Sabine Westenra, Jim Jarmin, Eddie Moore, Fleming Alison, Lyndon White, Bill Stewart, Dave Scott, Bryan McConnochie.
Front Row (L/R): Pauline Bennyworth, Chip Eade, Lynnette Bellamy, Gerry Doyle, Alison Williamson, Lesley Gardner, Lindsay Ward, Raewyn Young.

Photo: TTNZ Archives

Empire 2012 Veterans Tournament – March 24 (Sat)

Great practice for the Easter Vets.

SATURDAY 24 March, 2012

9:30am – 5:00pm

Empire Stadium, Marine Parade, Petone, Lower Hutt

Over 40, 50 and 60 events

Singles and Doubles



9:00 – 9:30am

Registrations, practice time

9:30 – 12:30pm

Round robins for all singles events; doubles events

1:00 – 3.00pm

Post section singles events; doubles continue

3:00 – 4:30pm

Semi finals and finals for all events



1. Players may enter in up to two age groups but they must be consecutive, ie Over 40 and Over 50 or Over 50 and Over 60.
2. Ages are as at 31 December 2011.
3. Entry fee is $10 per player and can be paid on the day.
4. The organisers reserve the right to merge events, change the format or run consolation events, depending on the number of entries.
5. Entries close on Wednesday 21 March 2012 with Chris Williams on 04 527 8629 or williamsck [at]

The entry form is here: 2012 Empire Veterans Entry Form.

Light refreshments will be available for purchase.

Player Profile: Depak Patel the Backhand Wizard

Thanks to Malcolm Wong for another player profile!
Depak PatelDepak Patel is a Empire Premier 1 player and a ITTF level 1 coach. He was born in the town of Pardi in the state of Gujarat (India). When he was 3 months old the family immigrated to England. After a 3 month journey by ship they settled in Leicester, the largest city in the East Midlands.

Depak played football (left winger) at school from age 10. Among his team mates was Winston White (right winger), who was to play professionally for Leicester and several other clubs (1976-93) making 529 appearances and scoring 61 goals. Playing for a rival school team was Gary Lineker (striker), who went on to played 80 times for England (48 goals). Depak was in the football team that were the Midlands Asian Students 5 a side Champions. He is a supporter of both Leicester City and Chelsea Football Teams.

Depak started playing table tennis at the local youth club at age 13. A teacher at his high school encouraged him to go to a Saturday coaching group. He joined Abbey Table Tennis Club and started off in Division 15 which his team won in his first season (1976). Depak progressed through to Division 4 before he moved to London. There he joined Ashford Table Tennis Club where he played Division 1 in 1988/89 and 1989/90. The Club won the British League (1988/89) with a team full of internationals including the Belgian, Jean-Michael Saive (The future European Men’s Singles Champion in1994 and World Number 1) and New Zealander Peter Jackson. Depak won the National Asian Students Table Tennis Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles in 1981 and 1984.

Depak also played cricket. He played for the Universal Cricket Club at 14 in the same team was his older brother. Depak was in the team that won the Leicester Liger Festival of Cricket Tournament (1976). His team included 4 Indian test players including Dilip Doshi who was a friend of his older brother in India. The other Indian test players were Ashok Mankad, Brijesh Patel and Madan Lal. The trophy was presented by Mushtaq Mohammad, the former Pakistan Cricket Captain. Depak’s best season was in 1990 for the Sunbury Village Cricket Club where he took the most wickets (75), had the most 5 wicket bags and had the most ‘Man of the Match’ awards during the season. Depak scored his only century (107 n.o.) when he carried the bat through out the innings for the Papatoetoe Cricket Club Presidents team (2000)

Depak moved to New Zealand in 1991 and has lived in Wellington and Auckland. Currently Depak plays and coaches at the Empire Club. He has won the Titan Club Singles twice (2007 & 2008) and the Empire Club Singles on 3 occasions (2004, 2009 & 2010). Depak was in the Wellington O45 Team that won the NZ Teams twice (2006 with Bryan McConnochie) and (2008 with Chris Talbot & Lindsay Ward). Depak was selected for the NZ Veterans team in the test against Australia (2007). He was the Captain of the NZ Over 50 Men’s Team at the Australian Veterans Tournament (2010). He has won 78 tournament titles including the North Island Over 40 Men’s Singles (2009). Depak said his best tournament wins were against Craig Dye and Thomas Samuelson. He is still very keen about playing table tennis and practises up to 4 times a week.

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Summer Interclub Draw

Hi folks, after the usual late rush of entries and fiddling to get seedings near-enough, here are the actual draws for Summer Interclub from Wednesday February 29 through April 4. Thanks to Bruce for getting it all together.

Grades A and B are split into two sections with a playoff between them on the last night. Grade C has a 1v2, 3v4, 5v6 playoff on that last night.

2012 TTW Summer Interclub draw A Grade
2012 TTW Summer Interclub draw B Grade
2012 TTW Summer Interclub draw C Grade

Refer to the earlier 2012 Summer Team Interclub blog entry for more details.

See you all Wednesday at the Empire Table Tennis Club stadium.

Opening night at Empire? (This could be Petone...)

TTW BBQ – Sunday Feb 12!

To all players and their families,

Table Tennis Wellington will be holding a BBQ on Sunday 12th February from 4pm outside the Empire Table Tennis club rooms. This is to foster the family atmosphere we would like all our players to feel part of and genuinely hope you and your family would be able to come and join in this event with us.

We would like you to all participate in some outdoor fun games like Volleyball, Football and Cricket. If any of you have equipment for these games could you please bring it along.

We will be providing sausages and bread and would ask that you bring a salad or a plate of food to share.

To help us with catering could you please advise if you will be attending and if so the number of people you will be bringing.

Please RSVP to Gabrielle Telfer at telferhome [at]

We look forward to seeing you all there.

-Stephen Hirst

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